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The future of Corporate Downsizing

How to survive a recession:

Christopher Mariani, October 24 2022

The last thing anyone should do is assume that their job is safe. Wishful thinking often results in being walked out the door, much to your shock and surprise. The best strategy is to be proactive vs reactive and move from recession sensitive occupations and industries, to those that are recession proof. At Resumes Etc, this is the strategy we...

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resume, resume writing, professional resume writer

Reinventing yourself for a career change...

Christopher Mariani, October 20 2022

In difficult economic times, occupations and industries can become antiquated making it hard to find another position. Our job is to reinvent you and ensure the transferability of your skills to roles that are  in greater demand, or roles that inspire your passions.  Give us a call sp we can help you reinvent

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The future of Corporate Downsizing

Free Resume or LinkedIn Profile Update...

Christopher Mariani, October 18 2022

We want to show our appreciation to the many clients that refer people to us. So we will provide a free resume or LinkedIn profile update, if we receive a referral from you. This offer will last until 11/11/22. It's our way of saying thank you! Resumes Etc. can be reached at:CONTACT

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Professional Resume Writing

What is the key to getting my resume noticed along with a good number of job interviews?

Alfred Mariani, October 17 2022

I have been in this field for 30 years and I am still amazed at the number of weak resumes I see. Over 90% of our clients create resumes that look like a job description vs a marketing piece.  This doesn't surprise me since job seekers don't specialize in resume writing. A resume has to be a marketing piece where ordinary language is converted...

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Professional Resume Writing

Your Boss is the Quarterback and You are the Receiver...

Christopher Mariani, February 4 2022

You can be the most gifted receiver in the league, but if your quarterback sucks, you're not getting any great passes, and you sure aren't scoring any touchdowns. The corporate world is like football. You're the receiver, and the people above you are calling the plays. If they're incompetent, it will impact your numbers. You will be accused of no...

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Professional Resume Writing

How Fear can destroy a career...

Christopher Mariani, February 3 2022

The problem lies with fear of the unknown and comfort with familiarity. The main reason that people are unhappy at work and/or stagnated in their career is because they lack the confidence to move forward or beyond where they are currently  "COMPLACENCY". They are comfortable with their surroundings, even though they suffer from job related stres...

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How to get your resume to the top of the pile ...

Chris Mariani, September 2 2021

Let's begin by stating what not to do. Do not do our own resume or ask a friend or relative to do it. This is a highly competitive  job market where very specific skills are needed to get your resume noticed. At resumes Etc, we take multiple steps to get your resume noticed. First, we keyword it to get past ATS tracking systems. Second, we use la...

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How do you negotiate salary during a job interview?

Chris Mariani, August 31 2021

First, how you look on paper will create a specific value in the eyes of a potential employer. Second, how you respond to questions will also create a perceived value. Third, do not make a salary demand. Provide your current salary and state that based on that, you will accept an offer that is fair. Fourth, During the interview process demonstrat...

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Character matters when it comes to getting job interviews.

Chris Mariani, August 30 2021

Character:  Our network of employers and recruiters  are all telling us that human resource departments are focusing heavily on character and values when it comes to job interviews and job offers. This fact has led us to our new strategy of creating a cover letter and resume that tells your whole story and highlights attributes that provide insigh...

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Do you know how to recognize the perfect career ...

Alfred Mariani, October 2 2018

There are 7 key factors that a job must have in order to be defined as a perfect job. 1) The nature of the job must be challenging and  enjoyable 2) The position must be a career vs a job, with a clearly defined career path. 3) The position should instill skills that increase your market value.

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