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Career Counseling

  • We take a unique and effective approach to career counseling
  • We conduct an in-depth interview followed by the establishment of a skills inventory
  • The skills inventory allows us to perform the following activities:
    • An assessment of your market value
    • An assessment of your overall marketability
  • We than go through a process of “alignment”, where we match your skills and experience to jobs based on the following criteria:
    • Jobs that are in a growth industry
    • Placement in an occupation with greater demand
    • Jobs that maximize your market value
    • Industries that are more recession proof
  • We then go through a process of assessing your overall goals relative to your career. These goals can include anyone or more of the following:
    • Life style, income requirements
    • Commuting time
    • Culture of the company
    • Growth potential
    • Travel time
    • Expected work hours
  • We then match your skills, marketability and personal goals to industries and occupational trends so that we can maximize your exposure to targeted career choices.

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