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Think Big, not small:

Alfred Mariani, March 21 2023

Big dreams get big results and small dreams get small results. It's a fact that people who fear change think small because small lowers risk, but small also limit rewards. When you think big, results are greater and so are the rewards. You should never place limits on your potential. Life is short and you get one bite of the cherry, so make it a...

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What's the biggest obstacle to achieving your career goal?

Alfred Mariani, March 20 2023

The answer is FEAR. People fear change. Change is often unknown. However, fear can be eliminated by working with a career coach. A highly qualified career coach can address all of the unknowns. A good career coach can familiarize you with various occupations and industries. A career coach can review your background and tell you where you can...

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How is the job market?

Alfred Mariani, March 19 2023

The current trend is towards strong job creation, especially in industries ( eg, restaurant, event planning, etc.) that were devastated by the pandemic and are looking to rebuild. However, there are some trends that are troubling as we look to the future. Higher interest rates could damage the housing market which impacts builders and suppliers...

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Why people fail to land their dream job:

Alfred Mariani, March 17 2023

I have been helping my clients to land their dream job for over 30 years. What amazes me is the consistent behavior of those who fail to achieve their goals, so I will provide you with the top reasons why they never land the job they want. 1) They truly believe that they can create a resume and cover letter that works, even when resumes are now...

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How can you achieve career/job happiness and reduce stress?

Alfred Mariani, March 14 2023

I can recall having jobs that I loved and jobs that almost destroyed my health. It always comes down to work culture. If you are in a toxic work environment, you will be exposed to one or more of the following: overworked and underpaid, denied career advancement, management by threat and intimidation, little or no input into decision making,...

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Character Counts:

Alfred Mariani, March 12 2023

During the past 2 years there has been an employer trend toward hiring based on character vs skills. It's not as though skills, experience, and education do not matter, because they do. But, employers now place a high premium on character and values. Given this fact, Resumes  Etc. has created innovative ways to communicate core values to...

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How important is a powerful LinkedIn profile?

Alfred Mariani, March 10 2023

It is very important. Our clients are getting 50% of their interviews from the LinkedIn profiles that we create for them. LinkedIn is quickly becoming a preferred source of talent for employers and recruiters. Given this fact, a strong and impressive presence can lead to many career opportunities. If you do not have a strong LinkedIn profile,...

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How to succeed in starting your own business:

Alfred Mariani, March 2 2023

There are 11 steps to follow to ensure a successful start up business. 1) Pick a business that you are exceptionally good at. 2) Pick a business that you are passionate about. 3) Pick a business that relies on very special and unique skills so that you are limiting your competition. 4) Pick a product and/or service that is in demand. 5) Ensure...

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How to prevent a potential layoff

Alfred Mariani, March 1 2023

Never assume that all is well and that your employer will guarantee you job security. The fact is that most people never see a layoff coming. What you need to do is protect yourself and your family from a financial crisis. I advise my clients to be proactive vs reactive by searching for recession proof jobs before the dung hits the fan. It is...

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Were you just laid off ?

Alfred Mariani, February 28 2023

Ruler number 1, do not panic. Rule # 2, do not blame yourself. You have no control over the process used to let people go. Rarely  is performance used to decide who stays and who goes. Rule # 3, hire a career coach like Resumes Etc. Do not work isolated or alone. Rule # 4, make looking for a job a full time job. Rule # 5, Tap into the resources...

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