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Our 5 step process to landing your dream job:

Andrea Tholen, January 3 2024

1) We take the time to get to know you. Your passions, your dreams, your concerns, your fears, your talents and your experience. Every dream job should be an ideal fit. 2) We create a resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile that is specifically designed to maximize your appeal to a prospective

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The stepping stones career strategy:

Andrea Tholen, December 12 2023

Every job you take should be one with increasing responsibility, the acquisition of more knowledge, and one that challenges you and ultimately increases your market value. Every job should be a stepping stone to a better job. Jobs that do not move you forward should be declined in favor of one that maximizes your

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What is our business philosophy?

Andrea Tholen, December 11 2023

Resumes Etc. bases its business philosophy on a client-centric approach, where understanding each client's unique background, goals, and industry is paramount. This approach ensures the creation of personalized and standout resumes. Quality and precision are at the core of our services, with a focus on crafting visually appealing resumes that...

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Should my resume be just 1 page?

Andrea Tholen, December 8 2023

I must confess that when people tell me that they read somewhere that a resume should be 1 page, it drives me nuts.  First of all, most resumes are scanned through an ATS tracking system for keywords, and the system can't distinguish 1 page from 2 pages. Second, The shorter the resume, the fewer keywords you can add and the lower your ATS...

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Helping our military:

Andrea Tholen, December 7 2023

We have been selected by the United States Marine Corps Honor Foundation to help military personnel transition to the private sector. We work with our heroes from every branch of the military with a 94% success rate, and we provide military discounts. We have successfully transitioned over 1000 military clients and we are truly dedicated to...

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Professional Resume Writing

What are the indicators of a positive work culture?

Alfred Mariani, December 6 2023

1) Low employee turnover rates. 2) Long-term employee tenures. 3) Promotions from within. 4) Investment in employee development.5) Work life balance.6) good benefits. 7) Employee empowerment. 8) A commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.9) Good pay and fair market value for job responsibilities.10) Avoidance of

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Professional Resume Writing

A resume is your personal story:

Alfred Mariani, December 5 2023

A powerful resume should not be limited to just job titles and responsibilities. Employers want to know as much about you as possible. Our approach is to design your resume so that it tells your story. It's about your skills, accomplishments, passions, personal values, and how your character fits with an employer's culture. Employers want to...

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Your first job out of college and how to land where you will grow the most.

Andrea Tholen, December 4 2023

As a young college graduate, your emphasis should be placed on increasing your knowledge base, which in turn, increases your future market value. Do not focus on a job that pays well, but limits the amount of knowledge you will acquire. In the long run, a focus on salary vs knowledge will have negative consequences on your career growth. Here...

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The two worst resumes you can ask for:

Andrea Tholen, November 30 2023

The first is a "basic " resume. When clients ask me for a basic resume and ask them if they want a basic job. Of course the answer is NO. They want a great job. Well, a great job requires a great resume. The second is an AI resume. An algorithm cannot understand you on an emotional level. It doesn't know how to assess your passions and dreams....

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Professional Resume Writing

LinkedIn profiles:

Alfred Mariani, November 29 2023

LinkedIn is arguably one of the top sources of talent for employers and recruiters. Given this fact, we create LinkedIn profiles that are powerful and keyworded. Our profiles bring out all facets of your background. It's a complete 360 view of who you are and what you can bring to an employer. Our profiles are so powerful that our clients are...

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