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How important is a powerful linkedin profile?

Andrea Tholen, June 12 2024

Let's put it this way. Many of our clients are getting great interview opportunities from our linkedin profiles. Linkedin is quickly becoming a favorite source of talent for employers and recruiters. Given this fact, we have become true gurus in creation of profiles that WOW readers. We convert your career into a compelling story that...

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How the resume flows is how the interview goes:

Andrea Tholen, June 10 2024

It is imperative to understand that the content of your resume will determine the outcome of your job interview. Let me illustrate what I mean. Let's say that you are interviewing for a role as a project manager. You want your resume content to reflect your wealth of skills in this role. For example; You may state that you work well in a...

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What 2 questions should a resume answer?

Andrea Tholen, June 7 2024

When reviewing resumes, a hiring manager will ask him/herself 2 questions. Why would I want to meet this person, and what value can this person bring to my company? The goal of a well composed resume and cover letter is to build content into the resume that answers these questions. A powerful resume entices the reader and leaves them with the...

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Here are some tips for dealing with a difficult boss:

Andrea Tholen, June 6 2024

This is a very complex issue and depends on certain factors. If you are in a negative culture that supports an aggressive style of management, you may not have many options. Under this scenario the best approach is to buy time, do whatever it takes to keep your job and shop around for a better culture. If it's a company with a positive...

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What services should you get from a resume writing service?

Andrea Tholen, May 21 2024

A resume writer must be much more than just a glorified typist. What if I created a beautiful resume geared towards an occupation and an industry in decline? I would be doing you a disservice because you would receive very few interviews. At Resumes Etc, we have a team of experts with advanced degrees, fortune 500 executive experience, many...

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Can a resume determine how you interview for a job?

Andrea Tholen, May 20 2024

Absolutely!!!. If a resume is bland and boring, it will set the stage for a mundane interview. If a resume is exciting and dynamic, it will usually lead to a powerful interview. Let's say for example that you are a school teacher, and your resume states " develop lesson plans". Now let's contrast that statement with " develop innovative...

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How important is body language in a job interview?

Andrea Tholen, May 17 2024

It is extremely important. Eye contact is one example. If a person is looking down or away, it's an indicator that they may not be truthful. The use of hands and arms is important, as well as how you are seated. At Resumes Etc, we go through interview sessions and work on your body language, facial expressions, and voice fluctuations. Give us...

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IS IT TRUE?... growing trends among employers is to hire more on character and values vs experience and skills.

Andrea Tholen, April 26 2024

Yes, there is indeed a growing trend among employers to focus more on character and values when hiring, as opposed to solely relying on experience and skills. This shift recognizes that while skills are essential, the character traits of employees can significantly impact the workplace environment and the overall success of the...

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Does Resumes Etc. offer any additional coaching or support?

Andrea Tholen, April 25 2024

At Resumes Etc., the commitment to helping clients navigate the competitive job market extends beyond crafting standout resumes. This service recognizes that a successful job search strategy often requires more than just a polished CV. As such, Resumes Etc. offers comprehensive coaching and support services designed to equip job seekers with...

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What are the top 5 questions asked in an interview?

Andrea Tholen, April 24 2024

Interviews can be daunting, but preparing for the most commonly asked questions can give you a significant edge. Here are the top five most frequently asked interview questions, along with the rationale behind them: "Tell me about yourself." This open-ended question is usually the opener and serves as a way for the interviewer to get a brief...

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