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Will there be another COVID surge?

Chris Mariani, July 26 2021

30-40% of Americans have chosen not to be vaccinated. This decision has contributed to a resurgence of the virus in many states and the longer the virus is allowed to survive, the greater the odds for future mutations. So what does this all mean? No one can accurately predict how a resurgence will impact the economy. What I do know, is that no on...

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How did we achieve a 91.3 % job offer rate for our clients?

Chris Mariani, July 21 2021

Resumes Etc. staffed our team with credentials including MBA degrees, fortune 500 executive experience, skills as adjunct MBA professors, numerous publications and recognized experts in their field. Constantly perform ongoing market and economic analysis, and match our clients up with occupations and industries experiencing growth vs decline. We re...

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Resume of the Future...

Alfred Mariani, July 20 2021

Traditional resumes are no longer making it to the top of the pile. Today, employers want to know much more about you than the usual experience, education, skills and accomplishments. These are still very important facts to include on a resume, but employers want to know your personal story. What motivates you? What are you passionate about? What...

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Nursing Resume...

Chris Mariani, July 19 2021

Healthcare providers are facing many challenges including managed care, capped rates, lower reimbursements and more competition. Given these facts, they are looking for Nurses who can help them to address these issues. At Resumes Etc, we use language that demonstrates how nursing professionals align their skills and experience with achievement  o...

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What is a perfect resume?

Chris Mariani, July 12 2021

I think we can all agree on the fact that nothing is perfect. However, the Resumes that we create are "near perfect" in many ways. First, we do not  construct a resume that reads like a job description , or list of tasks. It's a marketing piece designed to sell you. Second, Every bullet point that we create on your resume communicates the " VALUE"...

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Free Career Coaching:

Chris Mariani, July 9 2021

As the #1 resume writing service, we go through a process where the resume is the final product of a counseling process. We review our client's skills and experience, identify their career goals and passions and help them to select the ideal career path. The resume is then constructed in a manner that gets you your dream job. The career counseling...

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What does a great resume look like?

Chris Mariani, July 8 2021

Forget all the pretty colors and graphics. Most hiring managers frown when they are overdone. They view it as an attempt to compensate for weak content. A resume should be aesthetically pleasing, but it's content that matters. We construct a  "360 resume" . It's the total you, your personal story, and the attributes that make you who you are.  It...

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Are you unhappy with your job/career?

Alfred Mariani, July 2 2021

There is an increasing number of people who are unhappy in their jobs. It can be the work culture, nature of the job, industry, long hours, commute and any other host of reasons. Well stop worrying. We are experts at reinventing people for a career change. We review your skills, experience, passions and goals and we align all of this information...

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Are you looking for a career change?

Chris Mariani, July 2 2021

We are helping people who are unhappy with the career they have chosen, or they just feel it's time for a change. In most cases, people are growing increasingly unhappy and want to spend the rest of their careers feeling very passionate about what they do. We are experts in helping people to reinvent themselves and to package  and market themselv...

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The future of the US economy...

Chris Mariani, June 30 2021

Whenever you hear 10 economists  forecast future economic trends, you get 10 different forecasts. My prediction will simply lay out facts and how it will affect the job market. These 7 points should simply illustrate my view...1. Our national debt is growing at such a rapid rate, that at some point we won't be able to even pay the interest on our...

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