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How to evaluate your work culture:

Christopher Mariani, November 22 2022

Evaluating your work culture will rely on just one word, " Sunday". If that's the worst day of the week for you because you're thinking about Monday, then you work in a toxic environment. If it doesn't matter to you what day of the week it is, then you work at a great place. Resumes Etc. can be reached at:CONTACT

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resume, resume writing, professional resume writer

How did we get over 500 5-star Google reviews?

Christopher Mariani, November 21 2022

We provide outstanding service!  We also have 1400 LinkedIn endorsements, Axiom Awards, Madison Ave Awards, and voted "best resume writing service".  We have been a family owned and operated buisness for 30 years. Every customer is a member of our extended family. Many of our clients are now our friends and we care deeply about each and every...

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The future of Corporate Downsizing

How to deal with a horrible boss:

Christopher Mariani, November 15 2022

As a general rule, horrible bosses should have a short shelf life in a positive work culture. However, if this particular boss has survived for a long period of time, it tells me two things. Either he/she is operating in a negative culture which supports his/her leadership style, or this person is well connected and protected by the higher ups....

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The future of Corporate Downsizing

What are the hallmarks of a negative work culture?

Christopher Mariani, November 14 2022

Whenever you are considering a move to another employer, you want to ensure that it's the right move. The last thing you need is a toxic work environment. So here are the key factors that you need to research in order to evaluate a corporate culture. These factors include: employee turnover rate, average tenure of employees, percentage of...

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Professional Resume Writing

Is the Economy still growing...

Alfred Mariani, November 7 2022

The 3rd quarter economic report is in, and the economy grew at a healthy 2.6%. This means that many recession fears have not materialized. Given this growth, companies are still in a hiring mode. Economists believe that the main catalyst for growth are employers coming out of the pandemic and pursuing growth initiatives. This is a good time to...

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What's Behind Every Resume...

Alfred Mariani, October 27 2022

Behind every resume is a real person. Someone with needs, concerns, fears, aspirations and dreams. At Resumes Etc. we get it. We strive to understand our customers on a personal level. It's not just about creating a resume. It's coaching and counseling so that the final product that we produce is aligned with the goals of our

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We Make Resumes Affordable.

Alfred Mariani, October 26 2022

We realize that people are going through tough times. In our 30 years of business we have gone through 3 recessions, 9/11, the 2008 crash and the pandemic. It's times like these when we strive to give our clients what they need and work within their budgets. If you're looking for a resume writing and career coaching business with strong ethical...

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The future of Corporate Downsizing

How to survive a recession:

Christopher Mariani, October 24 2022

The last thing anyone should do is assume that their job is safe. Wishful thinking often results in being walked out the door, much to your shock and surprise. The best strategy is to be proactive vs reactive and move from recession sensitive occupations and industries, to those that are recession proof. At Resumes Etc, this is the strategy we...

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resume, resume writing, professional resume writer

Reinventing yourself for a career change...

Christopher Mariani, October 20 2022

In difficult economic times, occupations and industries can become antiquated making it hard to find another position. Our job is to reinvent you and ensure the transferability of your skills to roles that are  in greater demand, or roles that inspire your passions.  Give us a call sp we can help you reinvent

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The future of Corporate Downsizing

Free Resume or LinkedIn Profile Update...

Christopher Mariani, October 18 2022

We want to show our appreciation to the many clients that refer people to us. So we will provide a free resume or LinkedIn profile update, if we receive a referral from you. This offer will last until 11/11/22. It's our way of saying thank you! Resumes Etc. can be reached at:CONTACT

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