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YES there are jobs, and YES, companies are hiring!

Christopher Mariani, March 31 2020

Some industries have been hit hard by the Coronavirus, however, others are thriving. There is a big boom in health care, heath care support and administration, production and distribution of medical equipment and supplies, pharma products, logistics/supply chain for each, production of temp hospital facilities, materials planning, project manage...

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In an uncertain time... Resume Writing and Job Search Help.

Christopher Mariani, March 23 2020

Caring, compassionate and affordable job search support. At Resumes Etc, we are putting our vast resources to work for individuals who have lost their jobs or fear losing their jobs. We recognize that people need help, so we are making every attempt to offer our services working within our client's budgets. We have 30 years of experience and we ar...

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Take this time to further your career.

Christopher Mariani, March 19 2020

Resumes Etc is offering major discounts if you have suffered a job loss, or fear a job loss. While several industries are suffering, others are doing well. We are using our vast resources to transition our clients from industries adversely impacted by the virus to industries that are still growing. Employers are now "TELE-INTERVIEWING", so we can...

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We want to help. 25% OFF.

Christopher Mariani, March 16 2020

Resumes Etc is prepared to do our part in mitigating this crisis. If you lost your job, or if you are in fear of losing your job, we are offering our wealth of services at special discounts. We will put our vast resources to work for you to secure you a position. If you are impacted by the virus or know of anyone who is, provide them with our con...

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Coronavirus Resume Relief 25% Discount for People effected by the Virus

Christopher Mariani, March 12 2020

Coronavirus Resume Relief and Support - Resumes Etc. is offering a 25% discount to individuals impacted by the Virus. We will do all we can to get you back on your feet and into another position as quickly as humanly possible.

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Why do so many managers and executives work with Resumes Etc?

Alfred Mariani, December 9 2019


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How Powerful is Your Resume...

Christopher Mariani, August 1 2019

Resumes Etc created a power rating system to measure the effectiveness of your resume in getting job interviews. We use 15 key factors to score your resume on a scale of 1 to 100. The higher the rating, the greater the chances of getting past tracking systems and getting  to the top of the resume pile.

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Just how good is the economy and job market?

Christopher Mariani, June 13 2019

Overall, quite strong, especially in certain market segments like healthcare, fulfillment, cyber security etc. It also varies from state to state, based on whether a specific state has a business friendly environment. Given this fact, we see individual state GDP's ranging from 1% to 4%. Either way, we are in a growth period and it should also dri...

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How do you land your dream job?

Christopher Mariani, June 11 2019

For more info call Resumes Etc. 203.268.5636UPLOAD YOUR RESUME FOR A FREE CONSULTATION!

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Do Tariffs Work?

Christopher Mariani, June 6 2019


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