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Why do so many managers and executives work with Resumes Etc?

Alfred Mariani, December 9 2019


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Professional Resume Writing

How Powerful is Your Resume...

Christopher Mariani, August 1 2019

Resumes Etc created a power rating system to measure the effectiveness of your resume in getting job interviews. We use 15 key factors to score your resume on a scale of 1 to 100. The higher the rating, the greater the chances of getting past tracking systems and getting  to the top of the resume pile.

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Just how good is the economy and job market?

Christopher Mariani, June 13 2019

Overall, quite strong, especially in certain market segments like healthcare, fulfillment, cyber security etc. It also varies from state to state, based on whether a specific state has a business friendly environment. Given this fact, we see individual state GDP's ranging from 1% to 4%. Either way, we are in a growth period and it should also dri...

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Professional Resume Writing

How do you land your dream job?

Christopher Mariani, June 11 2019

For more info call Resumes Etc. 203.268.5636UPLOAD YOUR RESUME FOR A FREE CONSULTATION!

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Do Tariffs Work?

Christopher Mariani, June 6 2019


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Professional Resume Writing

Will the $15 Minimum Wage affect local economies?

Christopher Mariani, June 4 2019

Providers of products and services will raise prices to offset their increased labor cost. Price increases will vary based on their salary pay outs as a percentage of their total overhead. In any event, the increase will be passed on to consumers in areas where they are already burdened with higher taxes, fees and healthcare premiums. On the other...

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Get your resume to the top of the pile.

Christopher Mariani, May 29 2019

Employers are now looking at the complete person, or what we refer to as the 360 individual. Given this fact, Resumes Etc created the 360 resume. The goal is to package you as multi- faceted. We build in key words to get you passed ATS tracking systems, We highlight many of your marketable and value added qualities including: experience, skills, ed...

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How do I ask for a raise?

Christopher Mariani, May 21 2019

Asking for a raise can be difficult... When is a good time... Will I get what I want ... Is there a strategy... There are many factors that go into a decision to ask for a pay increase.  How is the company doing financially?  If there are financial issues, you may be viewed as selfish and not a team player.  What is the corporate culture?  If negat...

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Are Wages Rising...

Christopher Mariani, May 13 2019

The short answer is yes. It all relies on supply and demand. When there are few jobs and an over abundance of job candidates, employers are in the driver's seat. When there are more jobs than job candidates, employees are in a better bargaining position. Since there are many more job opportunities, employees can conduct job searches and move out,...

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A message for new college graduates and their Parents:

Christopher Mariani, April 30 2019

You've invested a fortune in education, now it's time for your final investment. Although the job market has improved, competition for the good jobs is fierce. This is why college graduates who want a competitive edge come to Resumes Etc. The typical college career center/ cookie cutter resume never achieves positive outcomes. At resumes Etc, we...

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