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Mr. Alfred Mariani has over twenty five years of executive experience in the corporate sector working with Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies. He has directed key operational functions including sales, marketing, training, executive coaching, human resources, and organizational development. He has worked in several industries including energy, manufacturing and healthcare. He has served as an Executive Coach to CEO’s and Vice Presidents in each industry. In addition to his corporate experience, Mr. Mariani was an Adjunct Professor at Iona College, Sacred Heart University and the University of Bridgeport in MBA and undergraduate programs.

As a Management Consultant, he developed over twenty executive and management training programs and created an in-house university for a major healthcare organization. He authored “Integrated Applications Management”, a management model which was used in the nuclear industry. As the Head of Organization Development for a Fortune 500 company, Mr. Mariani spearheaded major initiatives including complete organizational restructures, change management, process improvements, organizational diagnoses, and modifications to existing operational infrastructure. He has lectured and consulted with numerous companies and organizations including the New York City Board of Education, The New York City Police Department, Fairfield Police Department, The New York Islanders (Bridgeport Sound Tigers), The Think Tank for Business Solutions, SBW Events Group, and Yale-New Haven Health/United Home Care . He established an in-house university for a large healthcare company comprised of a competency based curriculum. He created a performance appraisal and succession planning system for the Fairfield Police department. He developed a strategic marketing plan for SBW Events Group to spearhead a “Live Green Connecticut” initiative, and developed a comprehensive media strategy for Axiom Plus Health Care and he conducted focus groups for a professional hockey team, resulting in a substantial increase in game attendance. He developed a competency based recruitment program that was presented to human resource executives at a major conference. He created a systems approach to management, which was adopted by New York City School Superintendents and Principals.

After leaving the corporate sector, Mr. Mariani started two companies Resumes Etc. and Resumes Etc. Staffing LLC., and grew his operation to one of the largest career counseling companies in Connecticut. His reputation resulted in a weekly radio segment on WICC 600 radio entitled You and Your Career, where he provided guidance to radio listeners on a variety of career topics. Mr. Mariani is recognized nationally as an expert in his field and cited in prestigious publications and in a feature article in the CT post. Mr. Mariani earned his MBA with Honors from the John J. Hagan School of Business at Iona College in New Rochelle, NY.

Mr. Mariani is also the author of Columbus and Maynard, a very popular book about traditional values.

Meet Our Team

Alfred Mariani’s impressive credentials are supported by a highly educated and experienced team of professionals that cannot be matched by any other resumé writing and career counseling company.

Christopher Mariani

Chris is a graduate of the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor of Arts degree and he completed his Master’s in Education internship at Danbury High School. After leaving the field of education, Chris joined Resumés Etc. and completed the two year intensive leadership development program. This program ensures the establishment of expertise in diverse industries including manufacturing, healthcare, banking, investment management, real estate development, construction, pharmaceutical, and more. He has worked with Resumés Etc. consulting group, where he helped to completely re-invent companies in order to position them for growth. As a Senior Certified Resumé Writer, he works with all levels of employees, covering all occupations and industries, and he has been a contributor on many of the company’s articles.

Andrea Tholen

Andrea earned her Master’s in Education from the University of Bridgeport and a Bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of Connecticut. She attended Rutgers University to obtain Certification in Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counseling. After completing her education, Andrea served as a Probation officer helping clients to transition back to a mainstream environment. She joined Resumés Etc., and eventually became the Director of Veterans Affairs and Online Job Searching.

As the Head of Veterans Affairs, Andrea works with present and former military personnel to transition them to the private sector. She provides counseling and advocacy for former military with PTSD and substance abuse issues. She has also partnered with non-profit agencies helping military and non-military clients to explore meaningful careers, proving career counseling and post-substance abuse advocacy.

Andrea leads our online job search team. She works with Resumés Etc. clients to identify jobs posted on multiple sites that match their occupation, level, salary, industry, and geography, including re-locations. She and her team are highly proficient at navigating job boards and identifying career opportunities.

Louise Wadell, RN, BSN

Louise is a graduate of California State Long Beach, earning her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She worked at UCI Medical Center in Southern California as a NICU Nurse and moved to New York where she worked in pediatrics. While at UCI, Louise was instrumental in the development of comprehensive policies and procedures, training manuals/programs and she was a Nurse Preceptor. She embarked on a career with Resumés Etc., leading our healthcare team and working to assist healthcare professionals.

Joann Ball

Joann is a member of our secretarial team. She had twenty years of experience with AT&T as an Executive Secretary working at the Vice President and Senior Vice President level. She uses her expertise to type, format and edit resumés, cover letters and LinkedIn Profiles, using her Fortune 500 experience to provide the highest standards of excellence.

Wendy Ruben

Wendy is a member of our secretarial team. She has over twenty years of experience within Unilever, working as part of their human resources team and managing/maintaining their HRIS system. After leaving Unilever, Wendy jointed Resumés Etc. as a Lead Secretary where she uses her Fortune 500 experience to work on behalf of our clients.

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LinkedIn Profiles

LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool to reach a large audience and to advance your career through on-line marketing.  However, LinkedIn limits you to 500 words, which equals approximately 1 minute of read time.  How can you reduce your entire career to 500 words and 1 minute of read time in a powerful and persuasive manner?  It is a very difficult task, one that should be accomplished with the help of proven experts.  At Resumes Etc, we have prepared over 1,000 LinkedIn Profile with great success.  Our approach ensures the achievement of five key objectives.

  • Make the profile entertaining and informative so that the reader doesn’t lose interest.
  • “WOW” the reader making it difficult to be ignored.
  • Relate to the reader by selling yourself as a value added and results driven professional.
  • Communicate your philosophy, work ethic, personal values, core competencies and hands-on experience.
  • Provide quantitative and qualified results.
  • We have over 1200 LinkedIn Endorsements

Below is the profile of Alfred Mariani, President of Resumes Etc, which is an example of our work and how we achieve the “WOW” factor.

Alfred Mariani’s Linked IN Profile – Click This Link To View

Here are a few examples of what we can do for you.

Linked-In Profile
Ann Southern

         Ann has been a highly successful Information Technology Manager with over ten years of hands-on and leadership experience, with expertise in applications development and network operations.  An has spearheaded numerous automation initiatives including design and installation of LANS and WANS, major network conversions and upgrades, workstation set-ups, relocations, and applications development covering finance, logistics, inventory management, production, control, etc.

Ann’s success is attributed to her ability to recruit, coach and mentor high performance teams.  She has changed the paradigm of IT from a cost center to a value-added group.  This transition was achieved by aligning IT solutions to the broader needs of business units, resulting in cost efficiencies, leaner operations productivity improvements, and bottom-line profitability.  She has established collaborative working partnerships with her internal customers by sharing ownership and accountability for shared goals, while also serving as a catalyst for positive change.  As a Project Manager, Ann uses a collaborative approach to obtain buy-ins from all project stakeholders, while keeping project participants on-target at all times.

Ann is a strategic visionary who effectively uses goals and key metrics to avoid crisis by remaining ahead of the curve.  She anticipates all the “what ifs” and builds in contingencies.  She is a graduate of the University of Virginia, earning a Master of Science in Computer Technology.

Linked-In Profile
Ms. Katherine Brooks

         Kathy as been a highly successful Supply Chain Manager working with Fortune 500 companies.  Her primary mission is to research and source-out global vendors with the ability to meet with production requirements, and to satisfy quality standards and Best Practices.  Once suppliers are approved, Kathy works to establish a supply chain infrastructure that moves products from vendors to warehouses, and to end user customers in a timely manner.

While in this role, Kathy has developed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to increase supplier ownership and accountability for results.  She works in collaboration with internal business units to improve forecasting capabilities as a means of ensuring product availability to meet with consumer demand, and to maximize revenue growth.  She built strategic partnerships with suppliers, transportation/warehousing and business units to build consensus and support for positive change and shared goals.  She facilitates cross-functional team to obtain ongoing feedback from her internal customers.  Her approach includes real-time analytics, taking a proactive versus reactive response to problems and opportunities.  She streamlined and re-engineered workflows and processes to achieve leaner operations, while also improving overall productivity and service deliverables.  Her efforts resulted in a cost reduction to budget of 12%, while her company grew by $87 million in annual sales revenue.  Kathy is a graduate of State University of New York (S.U.N.Y.) Albany where she earned her Master of Business Administration in Operations Management.

Linked-In Profile
Mark Carrington

         Mark has over twenty years of experience as a Transportation/Fleet Manager in the courier industry.  He is responsible for over 150 trucks and vans, as well as workforce of 200 employees comprised of Drivers, Dispatchers, Schedulers, and Mechanics.

         Mark has focused his efforts on preventative maintenance and timely repairs in order to minimize fleet downtime and maximize availability for vehicles.  He as a key participate in the design and implementation of a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) to track, monitor and report on Driver performance and delivery dates/times.  He has used real-time data collection, analysis and trending, which serves as a baseline for continuous improvement, cost efficiencies, productivity gains, enhanced service levels, and profitability.  Mark maintains a continuous dialogue with his customers, using feedback and surveys to exceed their expectations.  His efforts have contributed to customers’ retention and loyalty of 98%, improved on-time deliveries from 89% to 98%, and an increase in Driver productivity by 13%.  Under his leadership, fleet downtime improved from 8% to 3%, and customer satisfaction levels reached 96.5%, the highest in the company’s history.  Mark’s record of achievements are complemented by earning a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of North Carolina, while also working full-time.

Executive Profile
Randolph Hoffman

         Randolph is the President and CEO of Computer Analytics Corp. (CAC), a provider of market research and analytics software.  He assumed his present role in 2004 when the company’s annual revenues were $3.5 million, with a net loss of $500K.

Randolph quickly recognized that CAC was not targeting mid-market clients, focusing instead on major accounts.  He viewed mid-size accounts as a market segment seeking to grow their businesses, while also being sensitive to their cash flow.  Randolph developed market penetration strategies targeting these accounts and providing payment plan options to address their cash flow issues.  Within two years, CAC increased annual sales revenue from $3.5 million to $12.3 million.

Randolph then refocused on major accounts and restructured his sales force to become industry specific.  His approach required a sales team with strong expertise in specific market segments, earning credibility with prospective clients.  Within three years, revenues in this market doubled and annual company sales grew to $15 million.

Randolph reduced operating cost by 15% by bringing Software Engineers in-house.  He developed off the shelf software that was industry specific and more affordable, which opened up the mid-size market even more and grew annual revenues to over $20 million.

Randolph worked closely with his CFO to improve internal cost controls and methods of tracking expenses on a real-time basis.  The company’s finances improved dramatically resulting in the opening of three new offices in previously untapped geographic regions.

Randolph earned his Master of Business Administration degree in Marketing from Fordham University and lives in Westchester County, New York, with his wife and two children.

Linked-In Profile
Virginia Demao

         Virginia is an Executive Secretary reporting directly to the COO of a $50 million manufacturing company.  She handles all correspondence, meeting planning, travel arrangements, expense reports, special events, and coordination of the annual budget.

She has always believed that the role of an Executive Secretary must be that of a true right-hand assistant.  She has assumed increasing levels of responsibility, allowing the COO more time to focus on strategic planning.  Virginia coordinates special projects, communicates cross-functionally with all business units, prepares customized spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations, and serves as a primary liaison to major clients, department heads and business partners.  Virginia has helped to combine automation with process improvements and streamlined operations, contributing to a lean and cost effective operation.  She takes great pride in personal ownership and accountability for assigned goals, which consistently adds value to her employer.  She is highly proficient in Microsoft Office Suite and earned her Secretarial Diploma from Berkeley Business School.

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