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Resume Etc. has created the "360 Resume" ...

Alfred Mariani, December 11 2018

Today's employers want to know everything about a job candidate. They want the traditional information like education, experience, accomplishments and skills. But, now they want much more. They want to know about your personal values, character, energy level, leadership abilities, team orientation, personal attributes and a myriad of other key fa...

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Avoid Hiring Cubiloids: What is a Cubiloid ...

Alfred Mariani, December 4 2018

They're all around you. They love the routine. They arrive at work the same time every day. They take the same train, same car and same seat every day. They go to lunch the same time each day, order the same meal, and leave at the same time. They take their breaks at the same time and eat the same pastry each day. They hate any kind of change and...

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How important are college essays ...

Alfred Mariani, November 27 2018

College essays can either make or break a successful application. At Resumes Etc we have had great success helping our clients to gain acceptance into schools of choice, including Ivy League colleges/Universities. Our unique approach addresses key areas that schools look for. These include the ability to meet academic challenges, the ability to a...

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Why are November and December the best time to job search ...

Alfred Mariani, November 20 2018

The economy is booming and companies have completed their 2019 budget process with substantial hiring for new jobs in January. This means that they will be advertising open jobs throughout the holiday season, so that they can have people in place by the first of the year. Since far too many people think that searching during the holidays is a bad...

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How to avoid Anger Decisions ...

Alfred Mariani, November 13 2018

Decisions that are a quick reaction to an incident that causes anger, usually result in bad decisions that complicate rather than solve problems. The best approach is to wait 24 hours before making a decision. If you're under a time constraint, wait at least 1-2 hours before making a decision. You will be surprised at how different your decision...

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What are the 5 Key Characteristics of a Good Leader...

Alfred Mariani, November 6 2018

1) Highly intelligent, creative, can think outside of the box. 2) Motivates and inspires the team to exceed expectations. 3) Identifies and capitalizes on opportunities for positive change. 4) Builds an organization with the talent, resources and technology to achieve goals. 5) Highly respected for fairness, honesty, and objectivity.

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Don't Over Talk in a Job Interview...

Alfred Mariani, October 30 2018

The best approach is to give 30-60 second responses or slightly less. Try to recall political debates where each answer is 30 to 60 seconds. The candidates are trained to provide good information in short sound bites and not to elaborate. Elaborating can get you into trouble. Just practice what you wish to convey in a succinct manner.

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How do you avoid being over qualified for a job?

Alfred Mariani, October 23 2018

Many people operate under the myth that companies are afraid of super talent. Quite the contrary is true, especially when competing in a global market. What concerns employers is whether or not a highly talented professional will be bored in a position that does not take full advantage of their skills. Job applicants should state that this is an...

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How can you evaluate a good vs. bad college internship?

Alfred Mariani, October 16 2018

I have seen far too many college graduate resumes describing internships that sound like they were glorified clerks. The purpose of an internship is to walk away with real skills that increase your odds of being hired. Before accepting an internship, ask the hiring manager the following questions: What will be my specific job duties? How will th...

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Do you have job security...

Alfred Mariani, October 9 2018

Years ago, employees would have life time job security as long as they performed their job. However, many factors have changed the life time job security relationship including global competition, mergers, buy outs, re-locations, running leaner operations, outsourcing etc. Given these factors, job security now relies on one's ability to maintain m...

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