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Managing the art of corporate politics...

Andrea Tholen, May 3 2022

Unfortunately, career progression and survival in today's corporate environment relies on much more than results. Results are important, but results without being politically savvy can still cost you a promotion or a job. Alfred ( Fred ) Mariani, of Resumes Etc., has coached many professionals at all levels on the art of corporate politics. He ha...

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Did you know that you can increase your career progression by 300%...

Alfred Mariani, May 2 2022

Its actually quite simple...  when individuals use a personal coach, their career growth far exceeds those who do not. Supervisors want to become Managers; Managers want to become Directors; Directors want to become VP's and so on. Our coach is Alfred( Fred) Mariani, nationally known for propelling the careers of many of our clients.  Best of all,...

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GDP falls to 1.4%.

Alfred Mariani, April 29 2022

Most would look at these numbers and forecast a recession, however,  the numbers may be misleading. Most of the decline is in inventory investment. The supply chain crisis has resulted in less inventory investment, and the war in Ukraine has some investors on the sideline. The good news is that consumer spending was strong and this is 67% of GDP....

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Affordable resume writing, career counseling and job search support:

Andrea Tholen, April 26 2022

During these difficult economic times, companies have a moral obligation to help those seeking better employment opportunities. This doesn't mean we work for free, but we will strive to provide as many services as possible at a price that our clients can afford. We need to ban together as fellow Americans and help each other out. We are committed t...

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Why are some people very successful at getting job interviews and offers?

Andrea Tholen, April 20 2022

In today's competitive job market, a resume has to address several key issues. First, it has to be keyworded to get past ATS tracking systems. Second, it has to be dynamic and an impressive selling piece, not a job description. Third, It has to answer 2 questions that a hiring manager will ask. Why would I want to meet you? What value can you br...

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Struggling to find a great job?

Andrea Tholen, April 19 2022

The truth is... some are, and others are not. The difference lies in those who work with professional resume writers vs. those who attempt it on their own, or ask a friend to do it. A highly skilled resume writer( and not all are as skilled as us) knows how to make your resume stand out and employs the use of keywords to get past ATS tracking sys...

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Are you considering relocating?

Andrea Tholen, April 18 2022

A record number of our clients are leaving the northeast for the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida. We have a relocation team that helps our clients secure employment before or soon after their move. We create keyword resumes, we search out positions in the area they are moving to, we get your resume to recruiters in the area you are targeting and muc...

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INFLATION! How much more money do you need to survive...

Andrea Tholen, April 4 2022

The annual inflation rate will cost every household $5200 a year. However, that is net. You will have to gross approximately $8000 a year to net $5200. Over a 4 year period that's $32,000. It is highly unlikely that your employer will provide you with this much in annual pay increases. Therefore, the only way to come up with an extra $32,000 is t...

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The Top 10 Job Interview Killers!

Andrea Tholen, March 30 2022

1) You think that you're a great interview and that you don't need any coaching. 2) You can't provide details and "how to" explanations regarding accomplishments listed on your resume. 3) You have a weak resume which often results in a weak interview. 4) You talk way too much or you don't talk enough. Ideally, a one minute response to a question is...

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Turning job interviews into job offers.

Andrea Tholen, March 28 2022

So many of our clients believe that they can interview exceptionally well, only to discover that this isn't really the case. The key to a great interview is preparation for the unanticipated. No matter how many books you read on interviewing skills, no one can definitively predict the questions that you will be asked. So how can you be ready for...

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