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Professional Resume Writing

Are you looking for a career change?

Andrea Tholen, October 16 2023

At Resumes Etc. we specialize in transitioning our clients to their dream career, and we help them if they are seeking guidance about identifying meaningful career options. A career change coach must possess a variety of skills. He/she must conduct a detailed skills assessment to determine which careers the client's skills are transferable to,...

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resume, resume writing, professional resume writer

How to evaluate your work culture:

Christopher Mariani, November 22 2022

Evaluating your work culture will rely on just one word, " Sunday". If that's the worst day of the week for you because you're thinking about Monday, then you work in a toxic environment. If it doesn't matter to you what day of the week it is, then you work at a great place. Resumes Etc. can be reached at:CONTACT

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resume, resume writing, professional resume writer

How did we get over 500 5-star Google reviews?

Christopher Mariani, November 21 2022

We provide outstanding service!  We also have 1400 LinkedIn endorsements, Axiom Awards, Madison Ave Awards, and voted "best resume writing service".  We have been a family owned and operated buisness for 30 years. Every customer is a member of our extended family. Many of our clients are now our friends and we care deeply about each and every...

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The future of Corporate Downsizing

How to deal with a horrible boss:

Christopher Mariani, November 15 2022

As a general rule, horrible bosses should have a short shelf life in a positive work culture. However, if this particular boss has survived for a long period of time, it tells me two things. Either he/she is operating in a negative culture which supports his/her leadership style, or this person is well connected and protected by the higher ups....

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The future of Corporate Downsizing

What are the hallmarks of a negative work culture?

Christopher Mariani, November 14 2022

Whenever you are considering a move to another employer, you want to ensure that it's the right move. The last thing you need is a toxic work environment. So here are the key factors that you need to research in order to evaluate a corporate culture. These factors include: employee turnover rate, average tenure of employees, percentage of...

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Professional Resume Writing

Is the Economy still growing...

Alfred Mariani, November 7 2022

The 3rd quarter economic report is in, and the economy grew at a healthy 2.6%. This means that many recession fears have not materialized. Given this growth, companies are still in a hiring mode. Economists believe that the main catalyst for growth are employers coming out of the pandemic and pursuing growth initiatives. This is a good time to...

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Professional Resume Writing

Your Boss is the Quarterback and You are the Receiver...

Christopher Mariani, February 4 2022

You can be the most gifted receiver in the league, but if your quarterback sucks, you're not getting any great passes, and you sure aren't scoring any touchdowns. The corporate world is like football. You're the receiver, and the people above you are calling the plays. If they're incompetent, it will impact your numbers. You will be accused of no...

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Professional Resume Writing

How Fear can destroy a career...

Christopher Mariani, February 3 2022

The problem lies with fear of the unknown and comfort with familiarity. The main reason that people are unhappy at work and/or stagnated in their career is because they lack the confidence to move forward or beyond where they are currently  "COMPLACENCY". They are comfortable with their surroundings, even though they suffer from job related stres...

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How to get your resume to the top of the pile ...

Chris Mariani, September 2 2021

Let's begin by stating what not to do. Do not do our own resume or ask a friend or relative to do it. This is a highly competitive  job market where very specific skills are needed to get your resume noticed. At resumes Etc, we take multiple steps to get your resume noticed. First, we keyword it to get past ATS tracking systems. Second, we use la...

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How do you negotiate salary during a job interview?

Chris Mariani, August 31 2021

First, how you look on paper will create a specific value in the eyes of a potential employer. Second, how you respond to questions will also create a perceived value. Third, do not make a salary demand. Provide your current salary and state that based on that, you will accept an offer that is fair. Fourth, During the interview process demonstrat...

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