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How to Triple your Job Interview Rate...

Christopher Mariani, July 30 2020

The answer is very simple, DO NOT create a resume that reads like a job description. Instead, it should be a marketing piece. There are many ways to describe your job functions on a resume. Unfortunately, most people describe them as tasks, not POWER STATEMENTS that demonstrate the value you can bring to an employer. For examples:

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The Power Resume:

Christopher Mariani, June 30 2020

Resumes Etc. created "The Power Resume" 2 years ago.. It's designed so that every line item/bullet demonstrates value that you bring to an employer. Employers want  a reason to meet you and it begins with the confidence that you will consistently contribute to strategic objectives. The power resume makes it clear that you are bottom line focused, w...

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How do I change careers in this Pandemic ...

Alfred Mariani, June 26 2020

This pandemic has had a devastating effect on specific occupations and industries, while others are doing well and creating jobs. We are working with our clients to reinvent them. We focus on the skill sets that are transferable to other jobs and industries, and we have done so with great success. Just give us a call and let us help you through a...

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Employers are hiring at a rapid pace.

Christopher Mariani, June 16 2020

States are reopening and employers are trying to make up for lost time and revenues. Job boards are very active and many of our clients are getting interviews and offers. This is truly an ideal time to update your resume and get it out there. We saw 2.5 million jobs created in May, and June will be even better. Economists are predicting a 20% econo...

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20% Economic Growth Predicted.

Christopher Mariani, May 28 2020

States are opening and most economists are predicted a 20% growth for the balance of the year. Job boards are very active and employers are posting many positions in anticipation of aggressive economic growth. Our clients are seeing a big spike in job interview rates as employers gear up for the 2nd half of the year. It's an ideal time to get your...

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Why do some resumes work better than others?

Alfred Mariani, February 5 2019

Remember back in High school English Literature when you had to read a ton of 10-20 page short stories. The most interesting stories were great readings, the others were painful. The really interesting stories grabbed your attention from the start and held it until the end. Other short stories were painful to read starting on page one. A resume i...

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