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How does the Amazon decision impact the NY economy?

Alfred Mariani, February 19 2019

The loss of 25,000 jobs has a negative trickle down affect. First, 25K jobs times an average of $50k per job is $12,500,000 K is income that would have been taxable by NY State and NY city, money needed by both governments. Second, 25k people would have contributed to consumer spending in many ways including tolls, subway fees, shopping at local...

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The future of Corporate Downsizing

The future of Corporate Downsizing...

Alfred Mariani, February 12 2019

Now that the US economy is on the rebound, will it mean an end to corporate downsizing? The short answer is yes and no. Companies will combine adding jobs with eliminating jobs. This sounds like a contradiction, but it really isn't. Companies have learned from prior economic growth periods that if you over build your workforce, you will pay the p...

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Why do some resumes work better than others?

Alfred Mariani, February 5 2019

Remember back in High school English Literature when you had to read a ton of 10-20 page short stories. The most interesting stories were great readings, the others were painful. The really interesting stories grabbed your attention from the start and held it until the end. Other short stories were painful to read starting on page one. A resume i...

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What do you look for in a resume writer and career coach?

Alfred Mariani, February 5 2019

There are a lot or pretenders out there who claim to be experts in career coaching and  resume writing. They attend a one week course and receive a certificate and suddenly, through some miracle, they can understand everything about every occupation and industry. You should always work with a coach with real credentials like a MBA degree and prof...

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The critical importance of change management:

Alfred Mariani, January 29 2019

In a highly competitive market, change is a constant. Companies must react to changes including market/industry and economic trends, as well as competition, new legislation, new technologies, and the list goes on. Given these facts, companies must make organizational change a constant. They need to create operational structures and business model...

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Are there Value Statements in your resume ...

Alfred Mariani, January 22 2019

Adding Value Statements to your resume is a must, and it's a specialized skill that not all resume writers possess... Whenever your resume ends up in the sea of resumes on the desk of a hiring manager, he/she will always ask, why do I want to meet this person? Lets say you are a school teacher and your resume states that you develop lesson plans,...

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How I receive a near 100% job offer rate with interviews ...

Alfred Mariani, January 8 2019

I conduct extensive research on the company. I want to know everything about their products, services, competition, market and industry, as well as their financials, strengths, weaknesses, and lost opportunities. I then frame each answer in a manner that demonstrates my ability to add value by addressing each of these topics.

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Writing a Resume like Baking a Pie ...

Alfred Mariani, January 2 2019

1) It must always include the right ingredients. 2) It has to offer something special and unique. 3) It's success relies heavily on creativity. 4) Any mistakes will be noticed.

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How do you achieve Lifetime Job Security ...

Alfred Mariani, December 27 2018

There was a time when job security was guaranteed, as long as your performance was satisfactory. It was a paternalistic relationship with your employer. Job security today has been redefined. It's not up to your employer, it's up to you. As long as you maintain state of the art skills, certifications and education, there will always be a buyer fo...

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When it comes to Resumes, Words Really Matter ...

Alfred Mariani, December 18 2018

There are a lot of ways that a job candidate can communicate what they do. Unfortunately, most people describe their duties using plain and ordinary language. For example: a school teacher may say " develop lesson plans", or she can say" develop innovative lesson plans to stimulate creativity and critical thinking".  A salesperson can say " condu...

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