‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍The most important thing is to turn the interview into a conversation versus a question and answer interrogation.  The best way of doing this is by demonstrating your diversity of skills and competencies.  This impresses the interviewer who wants to know a lot about you so that the interview soon becomes a conversation.  Impressing interviewers begins with demonstrating excellent knowledge in your field.  This should be followed by using language that demonstrates team work, collaboration and consensus building.  You also want to demonstrate your core values and how they are consistent with the culture of a prospective employer.  The next goal is to show solid results and accomplishments to demonstrate your ability to contribute to the bottom-line.  The idea is to use language that conveys to the interviewer that you are multi-dimensional.  You have knowledge, values and a strong sense of accountability for results.  You are a collaborator, a team player and you strive to achieve win/win outcomes among all stakeholders.  The ultimate goal is to get “your personal story” across to the interviewer by integrating keywords into your conversation.

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January 23rd,  2018


How to Nail a job interview...

The main reason that companies are hesitant to hire people over 50 is the increase in healthcare premiums.  In addition, there is a perception that professionals over 50 demand much higher salaries.  Let’s clarify a few issues and discuss why hiring over 50 provides many benefits.

The idea that people over 50 will require greater salaries misses the point of “cost benefit”.  One of the greatest costs to employers is employee turnover.  The fact is that younger employees are seeking accelerated career growth and are much more inclined to move out, in order to move up.  Employees over 50 are much more inclined to stay.  When you compare the cost of turnover to higher wages paid to 50+ employees, one off-sets the other.

The advantage of hiring employees over 50 is continuity of workforce.  This is very important for two reasons.  Not only is turnover costly, but there is learning curve when training new employees, which results in a dramatic loss in productivity.  In addition, customers like dealing with the same people and get a negative feeling about working with someone new every year.

Employees over 50 are extremely reliable and are more likely to take less sick time, come in early and stay late.  Employees over 50 are natural coaches and mentors and can impart their knowledge and work ethic on others.  This is an invaluable investment.

Employees over 50 have personal financial obligations including a mortgage, college tuition and care of elderly parents. With these obligations comes a much higher level of responsibility.  People over 50 cannot afford to lose their jobs, so they can’t move back home with their parents.  Last, but not least, is a core value system that comes with maturity and responsibility, which can contribute to a positive work culture.

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Resume Etc. Blog

Many professionals feel nervous and uncertain about their future job security. There’s no magic formula to preserve your security, however, there are steps you can take that may help.

  1. Assume responsibility for tasks/projects that no one else wants to do because it’s tedious, technical and/or complex, but vital to the department and company.
  2. Be flexible and assume greater levels of responsibility, so that replacing you would be very costly to the company.
  3. Be a team player and make every effort to support your immediate supervisor and peers.
  4. Avoid political discussions and the temptation of marking negative comments about the company and any employees.  Also, claim that your role is to be a team player and to do what is best for the organization.
  5. Capitalize on every opportunity to learn new technology/software to increase value to the organization. Although there are no guarantees in life, these tips will be helpful.

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How Can I Hold on to My Job in a Very Volatile Climate?

There is no magic formula... but there are steps you can take that may help.

August 9t‍‍‍h,  2017

How Can I Avoid Anxiety in an Interview?

Treating an interview more like a business meeting Q & A makes things less stressful on you... but be prepared.

August 16th,  2017

The answer is to understand that the role of an interviewer is not to intimate you, but to insure that you are relaxed.  Human Resource Recruiters want to recruit the best available talent, and they realize that the only way to achieve this goal is to place the job candidate at ease.  Once you realize this fact going into an interview, you will be much more relaxed.  Just tell yourself that you are going to meet some highly professional people who want to have a discussion, it’s not an interrogation.  As a former Human Resources Executive, my role was to create a positive experience for each job candidate, so that I could see who they were in a relaxed setting, not in an intimidating setting.  So don’t fear interviews, they are designed to make you feel very comfortable.

For more information, give us a call at 203.268.5636

Being Fired/Let Go Has Shaken My Confidence.

‍‍‍‍‍‍However, we live in an era where job loss is very common place. Knowing how to deal with this reality is best known before it may happen...

August 22th,  2017

If this was twenty years ago, I could understand this reaction.  However, we live in an era where job loss is very common place.  There are so many factors that result in job loss including economic conditions, more competition, mergers/acquisitions, company relocation, typical corporate politics, and a constant pursuit on the part of companies to downsize.  One typical cause is salary and age.  If you’re making too much, you’re a target of the bean counters.  An older workforce drives up healthcare premiums, so companies try to reduce the average age of their workers.  Ironically, your job title, career advancement and salary are often a result of promotions, in recognition of hard work and achievements.  Therefore, you’re being let go as a result of your accomplishments.  The bottom line is that you simply do not have control over certain situations, and blaming yourself is just a waste of time and energy.  I’ve seen people let go that were super achievers, team players and very loyal.  None of this matters when you’re a statistic on a spreadsheet.  So pick yourself up, stop with the woe is me reaction, and have confidence in your ability and value to another employer.

For more information, give us a call at 203.268.5636

If I'm let go, should I work with a career coach?

A career coach can take an objective look at your skills, experience occupations , position level and ...

August 25th,  2017


There are a number of reasons to work with a Career Coach after being fired.  The most important reason is to have a source of motivation, so that you’re not spending your time licking your wounds and blaming yourself.  A Career Coach can take an objective look at your skills, experience occupations, position level, salary and industry experience to determine your marketability.  A Career Coach can also determine whether you need to be reinvented to maximize your marketability and market value.  Once this process is complete, a Career Coach can package you on paper including all key/scanable words to define you in a way that demonstrates the value you bring to an organization.  Once you’re motivated, defined and packaged right, a Career Coach can work with you on job search strategies and interviewing techniques.

For more information, give us a call at 203.268.5636‍‍‍

How Do I Change Careers Without a Salary Cut?

‍‍‍‍‍‍If we make a dramatic shift in career, we can end up back at an entry level salary... How can this be avoided...

August 30th,  2017

Let’s face it, we all have financial commitments and need to maintain our lifestyle.  If we make a dramatic shift in career, we can end up back at an entry level salary.  For example, if I am a sales Account Executive who’s tired of quotas, making a change to human resources will bring me back to a beginners salary, because these skills are not transferable to my new role.  However, if I leverage my skills into a position that views my sales experience as a plus, I can maintain or even increase my salary.  So, if I’ve been in sales my entire career, I can shift to customer relationship management or sales support/sales administration.  Each of these roles would benefit from my experience in sales and the skills used in sales are similar to those I will need in these new positions.  The goal is to find a role where an employer will view your prior history as an ideal match for a new career.

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How D‍‍‍o I Get My Resumé to Stand Out?

Statements that convey value are key... using the correct value added keywords and phrases is the key...

September 6th,  2017

The vast majority of people construct a resumé like a job description versus a marketing piece.  Given this fact, they fail to answer a question posed by a prospective employer.  Most employers want to know what value you will bring to their company.  Let’s say you are a human resources professional and state that you are involved in policies, procedures, employee relations, and benefits.  How does this statement convey value?  Don’t all human resources professionals perform the same functions?  What if you talk about your role as a change catalyst and transformation professional with active participation in reinventing your company?  If you’re a School Teacher and state that you develop lesson plans, no one will be impressed with the obvious.  What if you state that you develop lesson plans and activities to encourage creativity and critical thinking?  Language is powerful and it tells a story of who you are, and what value and attributes you can bring to the table.

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Am I still marketable after 50?

‍‍‍However, you must first consider the obstacles to hiring someone over 50 and address each of them...

September 12th,  2017

The short answer is absolutely.  However, you must first consider the obstacles to hiring someone over 50 and address each of them, while emphasizing the benefits of hiring a mature professional.  Let’s begin with the obstacles.

Healthcare Costs – Employers do not want to increase the average age of their workforce, which will result in higher insurance premiums.

Age Discrimination – Employers are fearful that if they had to terminate an employee over 50, they could face an age discrimination suit.

Salary – Most people over 50 come to the table with a wealth of experience and a price tag that goes with it.So how do we get around these obstacles?

Healthcare – If you are covered, or can be covered under a spouse’s insurance, state so in your cover letter.

Age – If you are willing to work on a 1099/contractor basis, it eliminates the threat of a law suit.  If you expect employment on a 1099 basis, you can negotiate salary and build in increases that cover insurance premiums.

Experience – Emphasize the many advantages of experience.  Focus on the cost/benefit of your skills and experience to offset any concerns about salary and benefits.  In many cases, a more productive and experienced employee can achieve greater output and results, which will more than offset any salary or benefit concerns.

The goal is to be creative and mitigate risks to employers while effectively selling advantages.  

For more information, give us a call at 203.268.5636

Am I still mark‍‍‍e‍‍‍table after 50?

Ironically, many of the employees with the highest salaries have been the most productive and...

September 20th,  2017

The short answer Absolutely...

We live in a time when companies are trying to run lean and cost efficient operations.  Ironically, many of the employees with the highest salaries have been the most productive and results-driven.  This is the reason why their salaries are higher.  In many respects, one can say that these employees eventually become the victim of their own success.  So, how can this problem be avoided?  The key to termination avoidance lies in an understanding of your company’s salary structure.  Every job title has an entry level, mid-point and maximum salary.  Mid-point is fair market value for the position.  When your salary begins to exceed mid-point and move towards maximum for that range, you are being overpaid, and companies realize this fact.  The goal is to get promoted within your company before or soon after mid-point.  You go to a higher level salary range and remain below or at mid-point.  If you can’t get promoted within your company, then try to obtain a higher position outside of your company.  Another problem with pay beyond mid-point is that your salary becomes harder to market on a lateral move, since prospective employers do not want to over pay you either.

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Does Salary Discri‍‍‍mination Exist?


Simple answer is yes... but first know the common errors made when changing careers is your goal...

September 26th,  2017

The answer is yes.  Let’s first discuss common errors in judgment as it relates to changing careers.  One big mistake is targeting a career that you simply do not match.  Another mistake is targeting a career where you could possibly match, however, your resumé is not written in a manner that sells you as a match.  Another mistake is failing to leverage your core strengths so that you maintain your market value during a career change.  So, what’s the best way to change your career?  

First and foremost, do something you will like.  What’s the point of going from the frying pan into the oven?  Second, look at your salary needs.  If you’re very flexible and willing to take a pay cut, it opens you up to many possibilities.  Companies will consider you for a new role, so long as they can pay you an entry level salary, where your skills and experience are not a match.  Third, if you’re looking for a career change and want to maintain your salary, then the best approach is to leverage your skills and experience.            

The way this process works is by looking at careers where your skills are highly transferable.  For example: if you’ve been in sales and want to get out of sales, you can consider customer relationship management (CRM), because the skill sets needed for each job are similar.  If you are a Computer Network Engineer and want to move into technical sales, the move will be viable.  You can leverage your technical skills to be a much more effective salesperson, as long as you can also develop good selling skills.  If you are a human resources person, you may be able to move into corporate compliance.  Each role relies upon strict adherence to policies, procedures and relevant regulatory mandates.            

You can benefit greatly by working with a Career Coach who can look at your skills and experience and guide you towards a viable career change.

For more information, give us a call at 203.268.563‍‍‍6‍‍‍

Is‍‍‍ There a Smart Way to Change Careers?

You may be looking for a job that is meaningful...

October 3rd,  2017

There are three primary reasons why companies are concerned about a job candidate being over qualified for a job.  The first deals with salary.  If you take a job that is below your market value, will you leave as soon as an opportunity develops where you will receive more money?  Second, if the job is below your abilities, will you be bored because the position doesn’t challenge you?  Third, will you be able to take orders from someone who is not your experience and skills equal?  So, how do you get around these issues?  If you are of mature age, you may be able to convince a prospective employer that career advancement is no longer your primary mission.  Instead, you are looking for a job that is meaningful.  If the position may not fully challenge you, claim that you would be willing to redefine the job and add additional responsibilities.  Communicate the fact that you’re not motivated solely by salary.  Instead, you evaluate a job based upon many factors including the strength of the industry, the nature of the job, the culture of the company, physical location/commute, and work/life balance.          

The idea is to be creative in you rationale and provide credible reasons why you would take a specific position.  

For more information, give us a call at 203.268.5636

What If I’m Over Qualified for a Job?

There are strategies that work and fail... know ‍‍‍which to use.

October 11th,  2017

Corporate employees will sometimes play the political game as a means of securing their position and improving their chances for future advancement.  They will align themselves with a specific team in the hopes that this group will ultimately hold political power within the company.  I have seen this strategy work, and I have seen it fail.  On the success side, this strategy works if the group that you align yourself with holds power for an extended period of time, allowing you to advance, increase your compensation and increase your market value.  On the other hand, if those that you are aligned with should fall from power, there is a strong likelihood that the new leadership team will purge all of those associated with the losing side.  The real issue is whether or not you want to roll the dice and take your changes.  I believe in a philosophy of non-alignment.  It is better to be trusted by all sides by not speaking negatively about anyone.  You security and advancement should come from a reputation for hard work and positive results, working on behalf of the company, no matter who is in charge.  This approach will gain you a reputation as a competent, neutral and loyal company employee.  On the downside, your advancement may be slower (but it will come), but it will be steady and secure.  When new leadership teams assume power, no one will be looking to terminate you.  Instead, you will be viewed as a safe, competent and trusted employee.

The path you choose is entirely up to you.  You can play it safe and secure, or you can roll the dice.  

For more information, give us a call at 203.268.5636

Will playing corporate politics help or hurt me?

October 17th,  2017

How Do I Crea‍‍‍te a "WOW" Resume

Most people don’t write resumés for a living.  So, they usually construct a resumé that looks like a job description with a list of tasks.  This approach fails to appeal to the reader in almost every case.  A prospective employer, when reading your resumé, wants to see the value you bring to an organization.  They are asking themselves, why should I want to meet this person?  I am going to list some before and after resumé statements.  Before statements are task oriented, and after statements are “wow” statements that demonstrate your value and convey why an employer should meet you.

Before:  Develop lesson plans.
After:  Develop lesson plans and activities that encourage creativity and critical thinking.

Before:  Conduct cold calls.
After:  Link products, services and resources to the needs of my customers.

Manufacturing Manager:
Before:  Oversee production, scheduling and logistics.
After:  Manage a lean, self-directed and goal driven team with a focus on cost efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Each of the after statements demonstrates a results-driven approach to your job, the value you bring to an organization and your ability to go above and beyond.  

For more information, give us a call at 203.268.5636

There are approaches that fail to appeal to the reader in almost every case, always remember you are trying to sell yourself, the correct words matter.

October‍‍‍ 24th,  2017


The first thing you do is discount any false information about not being marketable after 50.  In fact, 50 and over employees are the fastest growing segment of the population.  It is anticipated that by the year 2024 (just 7 years from now), that employees over 50 will be the largest segment of the workforce.  This is due to declining birth rates among Generation X and Y.  Companies are also seeking employees that are reliable, steadfast, intelligent, and loyal.  These are attributes that are consistent with the 50+ age group.  So, just forget all of the stories you have heard about the market for 50+ professionals.  The goal is to create a resumé and cover letter that clearly sells your experience, skills, education, work ethic, character, and values.  This approach markets you as a true renaissance person, that can wear many hats, multi-task and fill diverse roles.  At Resumés Etc., we work with our over 50 clients to package them in a way that maximizes their appeal to employers, and we have achieved very positive results.

For more information, give us a call at 203.268.5636

It is anticipated that by the year 2024 (just 7 years from now), that employees over 50 will be the largest segment of the workforce.

Helping Professionals Wh‍‍‍o‍‍‍ are Let Go and Over 50.

October 31st,  2017


How Good is your LinkedIn Profile?            

Most people think that their LinkedIn Profile is adequate, and in almost every case th‍‍‍at I have seen, it’s just a rehash of their resumé. The purpose of a LinkedIn Profile is to “wow” the reader and give them a reason to call.  I have included a sample of one prepared for a Resumés Etc. client.  

LinkedIn Profile:

Andrea Cervelli
Medical Practice Manager    

The healthcare industry is going through incredible change, including managed care, capped rates, more regulations, and increased competition.  Given these facts, a Practice Manager must be multi-tasked with the ability to apply various core competencies.  While in this role, I have combined marketing, community outreach and social media, with cost efficiencies, productivity improvement, leaner operations, and process improvements.  I created an operational infrastructure with the talent and resources needed to reinvent our practice and improve our clinical services.            

This approach has been combined with the establishment of collaborative working partnerships within our community to promote our brand and communicate a powerful message.  Each of our employees serves as an ambassador of the practice, living our values and contributing to our image.            

We have improved our clinical team and programs, resulting in enhanced levels of care and improved patient outcomes.  Our improved results have expanded our referral network with physicians, discharge planners, home care agencies, and other sources.  The end result, has been a 25% increase in our patient base, cost reductions of 12% and improved profitability of 14%.  My wealth of experience is complemented by a Master of Science Degree in Healthcare Administration from Quinnipiac University.

For more information, give us a call at 203.268.5636

The purpose of a ‍‍‍LinkedIn Profile is to “wow” the reader and give them...

LinkedIn Profiles are extremely important in the digital age.

Unfortunately, nearly every recent college graduate relies upon their schools career center that mass produces cookie cutter/boiler plate resumés.  This approach results in jobs as a Cashier, Telemarketer or Waiter.  Getting a good job out of college requires working with a career expert, who knows the market, how to package you on paper, how to coach you through the job search process, and how to interview effectively.  At Resumés Etc. we have an extremely high success rate helping graduates to find careers verses a job.  We educate our clients, apprise them of occupations and industries experiencing growth rates, and we define them in a manner that maximizes their appeal to prospective employers.  After investing a fortune in an education, it’s smart to make one final investment that completes the circle.

For more information, give us a call at 203.268.5636

90% of College graduates rely upon their schools career center that mass produces cookie cutter/boiler plate resumés. To stand out you need a professionally written resume.

How do I get my recently graduated college Child a job, and out of my house...


November 7th,  2017

‍‍‍‍‍‍A number of key indicators point to massive hiring in January 2018.  First, the stock market rally is a reliable predictor of future economic trends and security.  Second, the GPP grew at 3.1% in the third quarter and is expected to reach 4% by the first quarter of next year.  Third, the tax bill with large corporate and individual tax cuts, is expected to pass by the end of the year.  Fourth, current job boards show lots of opportunities and will continue to do so in November and December.  Companies will be hiring the last two months of the year in order to get new employees on-board by January.  If you lay low in the next two months, you will lose out on these opportunities, because e‍‍‍mployers want to have new people in place in January, so that they are positioned for rapid growth.  Remember, if you snooze you lose.  This November and December will be very active, so take the bull by the horns, update your resumé and capitalize on opportunities.

For more information, give us a call at 203.268.5636


Get ready for Mass Hiring in January

If you lay low in the next two months,
you will los‍‍‍e out on....

Nov‍‍‍ember 14th,  2017

November 16th,  2017


Could your Credit Score be hurting your job chances?...

Your Credit Score could play a very large role in what job are going after...

Having a professionally written Resume and Cover Letter is paramount for your job search. However, companies are also checking credit scores as part of there hiring process. More and more employers are reviewing the credit ratings of their job candidates. Given this fact that we have researched companies that specialize in improving credit ratings. We recommend Mercedes Enterprises. Resumes Etc. has referred several clients to Mercedes Enterprises and they were extremely pleased with the results. If you are concerned about your credit rating, give them a call at 1.516.323.7860 for a free consultation to evaluate your credit report. Call or email them at info@creditmercedes.com to request a consultation. You can also visit their web site at www.creditmercedes.com.
Just ask for Bladimir Mercedes or Roberto Campusano.


Tel.   1.877.433.4241

Fax:   1.888.866.5470

For more information, give us a call at 203.268.5636

November 22nd,  2017


Should I Postpone My Job Search until after the Holidays?...

The quick answer... Not This Year. Clean up your resume and start job hunting now!!

Not this year!  Companies are in a mass hiring mode for January, 2018.  In order to fill these postings, they are hiring through the holidays to have people in place by the first of the year.  To prove my point, just search the major job boards to see all the available postings.  If you decide to lay low for the holidays, these positions will be filled when you begin your search at the beginning of the year.  We are also getting numerous calls from Recruiters looking for job candidates, further demonstrating that this is a very active hiring season in spite of the holidays.

For more information, give us a call at 203.268.5636

November‍‍ 28th,  2017


Why is the unemployment rate dropping?...

Cuts are happening in all of the right places and that means...

Companies have more money in their pockets due to the reduced cost of regulations.  They anticipate a major cut in the corporate tax rate before the end of the year.  They also anticipate cuts in individual tax rates, which will drive consumer spending.  All of these factors are contributing to job growth.  If you look at the major job boards you will see many more postings than in the recent past.  Believe it or not, you will see many postings from Thanksgiving through Christmas.  This is because employers are looking to fill positions by the first of the year.  This will allow them to be fully staffed to meet with increased consumer demand.  This year unlike many years in the past, the holiday season will be very active for jobs.  If you follow the traditional approach and lay low for the holidays, you could lose out on great job opportunities.

For more information, give us a call at 203.268.5636

December 5th,  2017


Why are there so many jobs being posted to Job Boards...

Jobs by the boatloads are being posted to job boards - NOW IS THE TIME ...

This has been the most active holiday season for job postings that we have seen in ten years.  There is no doubt that companies are aggressively hiring to prepare for strong economic growth, and they want more talent in place by January 2018.  There are numerous indicators to prove our point including a GDP of over 3%, a forecasted GDP of 4%, a very likely and massive corporate tax cut, repatriation of American companies, a record stock market, major reductions in government regulations, and massive expansion of the energy sector.            

All of these factors equal jobs, jobs and more jobs.  This is truly a great time to dust off the resumé and capitalize on jobs, where employers want people in place by the beginning of the new year.

For more information, give us a call at 203.268.5636

December 12th,  2017


Get your Resume ready for January 1st, 2018!

Jobs are being posted now. Get ahead of your competition and have your resume ready for January 1st, 2018 ...

There are many jobs posted now and there will be even more at the start of the year.  This is due in large part to major corporate tax cuts, regulatory cuts and a record stock market.  It’s a great idea to prepare your resumé now, so that you can launch your search right after the holidays.  When these jobs post, there is usually a two week window before they expire.  You don’t want to be scrambling at the last minute to get your resumé updated.  It is a far better strategy to get it done now, so that you are ready to go by the new year.

For more information, give us a call at 203.268.5636‍‍‍

December 19th,  2017


Avoid these top 12 interview mistakes at all costs.

  1. Not showing up on time; this is a fatal error.
  2. Not being adequately prepared for interview questions.
  3. Dressing too casual. You won’t be criticized for looking too good.
  4. Not maintaining eye contact with interviewers.
  5. Inability to support skills and accomplishments on your resumé.
  6. Not taking notes, it implies that the interviewer didn’t say anything meaningful.
  7. Talking with your hands.
  8. Talking way too much or way too little.
  9. Not appearing confident.
  10. Failing to send a thank you to each interviewer.
  11. Not having good questions to ask.
  12. ‍‍‍Asking self service questions (i.e. salary, benefits, etc.).

For more information, give us a call at 203.268.5636

We also provide interview ‍‍‍coaching as a service. Give us a call and be prepared and get the job you deserve.

December 22nd,  2017


The Character Interview

Employers are conducting interviews to assess a candidate’s ability to do the job and exceed expectations.  However, they are now going beyond skills and experience to determine a person’s character.  Given this fact, a job candidate should integrate the following keywords/terms into their response to interview questions.

  1. Team work.
  2. Establishment of collaborative working partnerships.
  3. Ownership and accountability for assigned goals.
  4. Supporting the ideas of others.Cross-functional communication.
  5. Consensus building.
  6. Change/transformation management.
  7. Coaching and mentoring junior employees.
  8. Willingness to wear many hats.
  9. A commitment to performance excellence.

When using these terms, the interviewer walks away with a sense of who you are as a person, and character is 50% of the hiring decision making process.

For more information, give us a call at 203.268.5636

Resume is the first step; interviewing is the first impression that your employer gets form your dem‍‍‍eanor and actions. Your character is being judged and is a large factor in getting the job.

January 2nd,  2018


The Many Advantages to Hiring People Over 50

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At Resumés Etc. we estimate that 90+% of all resumés read like a list of tasks, or a job description.  Employers always ask themselves a question, why do I want to meet you and what makes you a cut above the rest?  A list of tasks does not answer this question.  A resumé has to be “panoramic”.  It has to sell you on many levels.  It needs to communicate your values, you work ethic, your philosophy and other attributes that provide insights into you as a person.  Let’s say that you are looking at the resumé of a School Teacher and it reads “develop lesson plans”.  That statement will probably not result in job interviews.  But what if it reads “develop innovative lesson plans and classroom strategies to encourage creativity and critical thinking”?  This statement provides much more insight into the value you can bring to an organization.

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January 9‍‍‍th,  2018


Why Your Resumé Doesn’t Make it to the Top of the Pile...

If you have a very basic and vanilla resumé, there is good chance the interview will go the same way. For example, let’s say that you are in pharmaceutical sales and your resumé states that you call on healthcare providers.  This statement is obvious and would lead to a boring and basic question like how do you reach decision makers (which is obvious).  On the other hand, if your resumé states that you use product knowledge to add value to clients.  It will generate questions on your value-added approach, which is much more compelling for prospective employers.  Resumés Etc. creates resumés that lead the interviewer in a direction you want so that you are controlling the interview.

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January 17th,  2018


Your R‍‍‍esumé Determines How Your Job Interview Goes...

  1. Poor performance.
  2. Tardiness and absenteeism.
  3. Resistance to change.
  4. Unwillingness to learn new skills and take on more duties.
  5. Not being a team player.
  6. Criticizing the company, co-workers or Managers.
  7. Not behaving in a professional manner.
  8. Taking too many risks.
  9. Never sharing credit.
  10. Always pursuing power.

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January 30th,  2018


Most common reasons for being fired ...

February 7th,  2018

Will my Job be Eliminated?‍‍‍‍‍‍

There are indicators ... know what they are, don't get caught off guard  ...

One of the biggest fears of employees at all levels is their job being eliminated.  The question is how can you tell if you position is vulnerable?  There are a number of indicators that you should look for.

  1. Outsourcing – Can your job be easily outsourced, or does the performance of your job rely upon a local presence and/or the relationship you have cultivated with customers?
  2. Consolidation – Can your job be consolidated and dispensed to other employees?  Can other employees be easily trained on your job duties, or is your job technical, complex or specialized?
  3. Pay – Are you paid over your market value, where the company will try to hire someone who can do it as a much lower rate?
  4. Mergers/Acquisitions – Is the company in the process of a merger or acquisition where your job may be a duplication of effort, or may be centralized or decentralized due to a corporate restructure?
  5. Technology – Will new and advanced technology eliminate some or most of your job functions?
  6. Job Complexity – Most of your job duties are routine and not very complex where replacement can be easy.
  7. Value-Added – Is there a direct correlation between your job and broader strategic objectives including cost efficiency, productivity and revenue growth, or is your position viewed as overhead without any certain value?

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March 6th,  2018

What are the 5 major interview mistakes...

If you know what the mistakes are, you can avoid them and crush your interview like a pro...

  1. An inability to back up the accomplishments on your resume.
  2. Giving a work related failure that had a major adverse impact.
  3. Giving a weakness that's a fatal flaw.
  4. Making negative statements about a present or past employer.
  5. Focusing your questions on salary and benefits vs how you can help an employer to achieve their goals.


An inability to back up the accomplishments on your resume.

Inability to back up accomplishments on your resume. It's easy to list impressive accomplishments, but it's another matter to persuade a pros‍‍‍pective employer that you actually achieved these accomplishments. Be prepared to provide the interviewer with information that describes a specific problem in detail, the strategy you put into place to solve the problem, the obstacles you faced, how you overcame them, and the net result of your efforts. Also include a mix of I's and We's when giving credit for accomplishments.


1‍‍‍st of a 5
part series!

Givi‍‍‍ng a work related failure that had a major adverse impact.

Never give a failure that had a dramatic negative impact on the operation. Use a failure that had limited impact and one that you responded to quickly to mitigate damage. Don't forget to mention any positive changes that were made to learn from the mistakes or failures to show growth and to ensure that there will not be repeat incidents.


2nd of a 5
part series!

Giving a weakness that's a fatal flaw.

Whenever you provide a weakness, make certain that it's a weakness that an employer can live with, verses a weakness that can be very problematic. For example, if you state that you are a perfectionist, this could present a problem in a results driven environment causing planning to paralysis. However, in a different setting such as academia, this may be acceptable, so know your environment and think proactively before giving answers.


3rd of a 5
part series!

Making negative statements about a present or past employer.

If you make any negative comment about a present or past employer, a prospective employer will assume that you will do the same to them. Always state the positives in the experience, that you appreciated the opportunity, and that you learned from that opportunity.


4th of a 5
part series!

Focusing your questio‍‍‍ns on salary and benefits vs how you can help an employer to achieve their goals.

Never ask self serving questions like salary,benefits,vacation etc. This information will be discussed once the hiring organization determines that they wish to make you a job offer. Your questions should focus on how you can help them achieve their vision and objectives. What is their vision? Where do they see themselves in 5 years? What obstacles do they anticipate? Who are their major competitors ? etc etc‍‍‍


5th of a 5
part ‍‍‍series!

March 7th,  2018

What ‍‍‍to do during a Nor' Easter Snow Storm...

Use the time wisely ...

Stay home, remain safe, put a log on the fire, and call Resumes Etc. to update your resume. We are here even during storms. It's a great time to focus on your career without any job related disturbances.

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March 14th,  2018

How do I land ‍‍‍my dream job...

It's actually q‍‍‍uite simple...

First, You work with a true expert who can package you in a way that maximizes your appeal to prospective employers. Second, you work with a highly effective and decorated career coach on targeting an occupation and industry that is experiencing growth. Third, You work with your career coach on interviewing strategies. Finally, you take an aggressive approach to your job search. At Resumes Etc, we have had substantial success in helping our clients land their dream job.

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March 20th,  2018

Should I have
"Take this job and shove it money"?

Yes but how much?...

Should I have " take this job and shove it money"? The worse thing imaginable is going to work each day when you're totally miserable, and it's affecting your health. The solution is to save up enough " take this job and shove it money". On average, it takes one month of job search time to land a job for each $30k you make. So, if you make $60k, you need 2 months of savings. If you make $120k, you need 4 months of savings ... and so on and so forth...

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March 26th,  2018

Why are so many people relocating from‍‍‍ the northeast to the south...

It's a combination of being over taxed, long and cold winters, increasing energy costs, and the inability to save. At Resumes Etc we have been working with our clients to develop and implement relocation strategies to make the transition easy. We package you on paper in an impressive manner that makes you stand out, and we assist with obtaining job interviews in your areas of choice.

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There are telltale indications of what constitutes a negative work environment.  Listed below are key indicators that should help you determine if you need to move on.

  1. Employee Turnover Rate – It should be 10% or less.  The more above 10%, the worse the culture.
  2. Average Employee Tenure – In a positive culture, the average tenure per employee should be at least five years.
  3. Promotions From Within – A positive culture will have employee training programs and succession planning to promote largely from within.  Companies with a negative culture have no dedicated programs to address the career growth needs of employees.
  4. Benefits – A positive culture provides many employee perks including stock options, 401(k), medical/dental with low deductibles, and tuition aide tied to succession planning.  Negative cultures cut benefits to a minimum.
  5. Physical Environment – In a positive culture, employees are provided with offices and/or very professional cubicles and workstations.  In a negative culture, everyone is thrown into an open space with little or no privacy.
  6. Work Life Balance – A positive culture promotes and encourages family time and does not expect employees to become workaholics.  In a negative culture, the company owns you and controls many aspects of your life.
  7. Diversity – A positive culture is a diverse culture and does not favor any specific category of employees.  A negative culture many not celebrate diversity.
  8. Job Security – No company can guarantee you a job and will often link security to performance.  However, a positive culture will make ever attempt to avoid layoffs including expense reductions, wage freezes and early retirement packages.  Negative cultures will often do what is expedient without concern for families of employees.
  9. Salary – A negative culture will pay below market value because they are not concerned about employee turnover.