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It is a known fact that a Resumé Writer is not qualified to prepare an executive resumé unless they have actually been an executive.  They can pretend to know the true role of an executive by stating that they have a degree in communications, or they published articles on resumés.  None of that matters.  How can someone truly understand the essence of leadership if they haven’t managed a large staff, prepared multi-million dollar budgets, managed sales revenue in the tens or hundreds of millions, and assume complete P&L responsibility.  They may have studied it from a textbook, but they never lived it.

Mr. Mariani is a former Fortune 500 executive running key operations and functions including sales, marketing human resources, corporate auditing, operations management, and more.  He has created management business models and completely reinvented companies to position them for growth.  He has coached and mentored CEOs, COOs and Corporate Vice Presidents on leadership, strategic planning, change management, organization design, business development, lean operations, and more.  He brings this wealth of experience to the resumé writing process and speaks the language of executives.  It’s fair to say he’s been there and done that.  This is not a role for amateurs who want to dot your I’s and cross your T’s.  Writing an executive resumé begins with knowing and understanding your client.

Supervisors want to be Managers, Managers want to be Directors, Directors want to be Vice Presidents, and Vice Presidents want to be CEOs and COOs.  At Resumés Etc., our job is to coach you up the latter of success.  Our executive coaching process begins with several questions:

  • What are your current strengths and where do you need to improve?
  • Are you targeting a specific role or industry?
  • In what leadership areas are you comfortable and in what areas do you believe there is a void?
  • What promotions have you been denied and for what reasons?

Our process takes a hard look at the skills needed throughout one’s personal development process.  These skills include strategic planning, finance/budgets, business development, organizational structure, technology, public speaking, motivating and inspiring, leadership style, recruitment of strong talent, operations management, goal setting, performance metrics, and more.

  • We examine your skills and experience, your strengths, your weaknesses and your career goals.
  • We come up with a personal and customized coaching plan that incorporates new and improved skills into existing strengths.
  • The end result is a Manager, Director or Executive with a detailed understanding of how personal qualities and leadership skills lead to success.
  • Our clients move from a single dimensional to a multi-dimensional talent, with the ability to see the big picture and how their skills are used in an integrated manner to provide good leadership.
  • Our clients obtain all of the benefits of a solid MBA Program in a condensed coaching process.
  • We combine solid MBA skills with real world, out of classroom skills, to reinvent our clients, giving them the confidence they need to pursue and achieve their career goals.

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