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Christopher Mariani, March 24 2022

Does a perfect resume actually exist?

The Short Answer... Yes... It can exist, if you allow it, but unfortunately, there are very few resume writers that can create the perfect resume. But, at Resumes Etc., we are highly skilled in this process. A perfect resume has to tell your personal story. It has to provide a big picture approach to who you are. A perfect resume is like a perfect recipe. It has to have all the right ingredients. It has to include education, experience, qualitative and quantitative accomplishments, and an explanation of how accomplishments were achieved. It has to sell you as a capable individual contributor who also contributes to a team culture. It has to incorporate your character and personal values into the resume content. It has to exude energy and enthusiasm, along with ownership and accountability for results. When all of these ingredients are present, you have the perfect recipe. It is your exclusive and personalized story that resonates with hiring manager because it has what they are looking for. The perfect resume sells the perfect job candidate. 

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Christopher Mariani

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