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Christopher Mariani, May 5 2021

Now is the time. Get the job you deserve today!

Vaccinations are contributing to great economic growth.

As vaccinations increase, we are seeing employers post many more positions as they prepare for greater consumer activity. Many of our clients are obtaining excellent job offers, so now is the time to get that resume updated and jump back into the workforce. Here is the reason why you need to UPDATE that RESUME. Most people write a resume like a job description or just a list of tasks. A resume must be a marketing piece that conveys the value that you can bring to an employer. Our 360 resume has increased interview rates by 300%. We use language that WOWs the reader. For example: a warehouse supervisor may state that he/she handles shipping and receiving. We would state " supervise a high performance logistics team with a focus on cost efficiencies, productivity and process improvements". Now which person are you likely to call for a job interview.? give us a call and let us lead you to a great job.

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Christopher Mariani

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