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Alfred Mariani, March 3 2022

How will the Russian invasion impact our economy and the job market?

In the short run, oil prices will go up and inflation will increase. The stock market will react negatively at first, however, stock prices should stabilize within a few weeks. The employment picture here should not be negatively affected at all unless the war broadens into a wider conflict. The Ukrainian people are serving as an inspiration to the entire global community. Putin underestimated the will of Ukrainians , as well as our NATO allies. In the long run his venture will fail. This is no time to panic. Life in the US will go on and make us better as a people and unite the world against a common enemy. We are the world's greatest democracy and it will shine. The job markets are still strong and the mask mandates are being lifted around the country and the world from the Pandemic. People of the USA are finally getting back to business the way it should be, hardworking thriving Americans with the determination to grow and make America a better place to live. Get a head start on the next hiring boom and call Resumes Etc. today.

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Alfred Mariani

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