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Alfred Mariani, October 12 2021

How important is a Thank You note after a job interview...

Failure to send a Thank You, post job interview, can be a job killer. I have found that even a Thank You email falls short of an actual handwritten Thank You Card. It means the job candidate took the time to stop at a card store, purchase a card and  write a personalized Thank You. Now what does that say about the person? It says, Appreciation, Thoughtfulness, Attention to Detail, and a well rounded Character. Sometimes these values aren't conveyed in a Resume or an Interview. These candidates are the individuals that get reconsidered and most of all usually hired. Appreciating someone for taking their valuable time to spend with you is simply polite, yet it could mean the slight factor whether you get hired over someone else if you are one of the top 2 candidates. 

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Written by

Alfred Mariani

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