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Alfred Mariani, January 22 2019

Are there Value Statements in your resume ...

Adding Value Statements to your resume is a must, and it's a specialized skill that not all resume writers possess...

Whenever your resume ends up in the sea of resumes on the desk of a hiring manager, he/she will always ask, why do I want to meet this person? Lets say you are a school teacher and your resume states that you develop lesson plans, that doesn't exactly WOW the reader. But, if it states that you develop innovative lesson plans with a focus on creativity and critical thinking, it communicates value. If a nurse states that he/she provides direct patient care, you're simply stating the obvious. If it states that you provide patient care with a focus on quality care and improved patient outcomes, you are once again, communicating value. Communicating value is a specialized skill, and we at Resumes Etc. have the skills to communicate these values to bring your resume to the top of the pile.

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Written by

Alfred Mariani

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