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I grew up in a poor Italian neighborhood outside of New York City.  My parents were laborers who lived their faith by the manner in which they helped family, friends and strangers.  Their most prized asset was their values.  They were inspired more by the company of good friends than they were by money or personal gain.  They encouraged me to be a good student, resulting in advanced degrees, 20 years as a corporate executive, and a professor and author.

I never forgot my roots and the lessons my parents taught me.  I have passed these values on to my children and I have incorporated these values into our business model.  We are family owned and operated.  We have seven employees including my son and daughter who will eventually take over this business.  I want to ensure that I pass on to my children a business with an impeccable reputation.  We have been here 25 years and will be here 25 years from now.  We are not a 1-800 assembly line resumé business.  Every customer is truly a part of our extended family.  Their concerns, fears and needs become our concerns.  Their dreams for their children become our dreams.  As a child, I learned that our family could not have survived without the support and good will of others.  We have helped over 30,000 customers and our testimonials are clear evidence that we live our values by the manner in which we treat each and every customer.

Our Core Values

• Treat every customer as a member of our family.
• Care about each customer as though their concerns are our concerns.
• Give 150% at all times and never compromise on quality.
• Return customer calls and emails promptly, never let them wait.
• Stay with the customer until they find a job and provide advice throughout the job search.
• Educate our customers, on job market trends and help them make informed decisions.
• Provide the highest level of professionalism and courtesy.

We recognize that every customer is unique. This includes their needs, concerns, fears, goals, aspirations, passions and dreams. They differ on skills, education, salary requirements and more. We take the time to get to know each customer so that our services and solutions are customized to meet their needs. This is a nurturing process, not a cookie cutter approach.

Family Owned & Operated

Once you get your resume started with Resumes Etc. you become part of our extended family

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