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Chris Mariani, July 12 2021

What is a perfect resume?

I think we can all agree on the fact that nothing is perfect. However, the Resumes that we create are "near perfect" in many ways. First, we do not  construct a resume that reads like a job description , or list of tasks. It's a marketing piece designed to sell you. Second, Every bullet point that we create on your resume communicates the " VALUE" that you can bring to an employer. Hiring managers want to know why they should meet you. This is accomplished by effectively communicating how you can contribute to achieving the company's strategic objectives. Third, a resume must be keyworded to get past ATS tracking systems and we usually get a 90+ percent tracking rate. Fourth. Employers want to know if you possess the character and attributes that are a fit with their work culture. We incorporate language that communicates your core values. Finally, we create a resume that is designed to get you that dream job. Our work has resulted in over 500 (5 ) star reviews, 1400 linkedIn Endorsements and 600 Testimonials posted to our website. 

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Chris Mariani

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