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Christopher Mariani, August 17 2022

What are the top 10 resume mistakes?

1) Having a resume that is poorly written and/or not keyworded. 

2) Having skills and experience that are not focused in a particular area, but spread out among many different disciplines. 

3) A lack of accomplishments. 

4) A resume that is confusing and/or ambiguous where the reader isn't quite sure what it is that you do. 

5) A resume with far too many jobs and indicates job hopping. 

6) A resume that goes back too far and dates you. 

7) A resume that shows you in one position for too long with little or no career progression. 

8) Staying in an industry or occupation that is in decline where your skills are not transferable. 

9) Obvious misspellings and grammatical errors. 

10) Lack of degrees or certifications in your field. 

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Written by

Christopher Mariani

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