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Christopher Mariani, August 23 2022

The most important lesson learned in life:

In my 30 years as President of Resumes Etc, I recognized a common character trait among our most successful clients. They are the ones who put ego aside and realize that they don't have all the answers. They understand that when it comes to achieving their career goals, they are better served by working with recognized experts in the field. The end result is that they achieve far better career opportunities than their counterparts. The reason they work with me is because of my credentials and experience.  These qualifications include 2 MBA degrees, 20 years as a Fortune 500 executive, TV and radio appearances, development of 30 executive leadership programs, numerous publications, keynote speaker at conferences, advisor to CEO's and COO's, recognition and awards as a top resume writing and career coaching service, 12 years as a college professor, over 500 5-star Google reviews and 1,400 LinkedIn endorsements. 

If you are serious about advancing your career, give me a call. I am easy to talk to and truly enjoy engaging customers.

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Written by

Christopher Mariani

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