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Andrea Tholen, April 19 2022

Struggling to find a great job?

The truth is... some are, and others are not. The difference lies in those who work with professional resume writers vs. those who attempt it on their own, or ask a friend to do it. A highly skilled resume writer( and not all are as skilled as us) knows how to make your resume stand out and employs the use of keywords to get past ATS tracking systems. A highly skilled resume writer knows the job market and which occupations and industries are experiencing growth vs decline. In other words, a highly skilled resume writer is also a career coach and mentor, helping clients with strategies to land good careers vs a job. If you work with Resumes Etc., you will fall into the category of those who are no longer struggling to find a good career position. END THE STRUGGLE and call Resumes Etc. today.

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Written by

Andrea Tholen

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