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Andrea Tholen, October 20 2021

How will inflation impact your wallet?

Inflation is the monster that everyone fears. If inflation grows at an annual rate of 7%, that's 28% over 4 years, while wages may increase at 2% a year, if they increase at all. That's a net reduction of 20% in disposable income. A 20% reduction in disposable income will have a dramatic affect on quality of life. Many car models are already being priced at $7000 above last year's prices.  There's only one way to beat the inflation monster and that's to increase your household income. You could rely on the generosity of your current employer to match pay increases with inflation rates, but don't hold your breath on that one. This is a time when smart professionals take a proactive approach to inflation. They dust off their resumes, call Resumes Etc., and work with us to land a higher paying position. The only way to handle cash out of your pocket is to put more cash into your pocket. Give us a call and let us get you that higher paying job.

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Andrea Tholen

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