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Andrea Tholen, October 15 2021

How do I pick the right employer and job?

There are 7 factors that you should use as a checklist to evaluate the right employer and job. 

1) Salary, you want fair market value. 

2) Career progression. You want to work for an employer that promotes from within and develops their employees. 

3) A positive work culture. You want to work for an employer that values its employees. 

4) Future market value. You want to work where you will acquire additional skills and knowledge which will increase your market value. 

5) Work life balance. You want to work for a company committed to quality of life. 

6) Benefits. You want a good benefit program for you and your family. 

7) Commute. You want to be within 30 minutes of home with remote, work from home options.

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Andrea Tholen

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