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Christopher Mariani, September 29 2022

Everyone needs a career partner: 

What exactly is a career partner? Think of it this way. We all have aspirations, a need for more money, career growth and recognition. We all get frustrated with internal politics, lack of career progression, lack of recognition, no work life balance etc. But, who can we talk to? Maybe a friend or spouse, they will certainly empathize, however, they're not in a position to help. A career partner is someone you can call to share your goals and frustrations . A person who has walked in your shoes, understands the business world, all occupations and all industries and has coached clients from professional level to executive. I have been the President of Resumes Etc for 30 years. We have served 50,000 customers and I can honestly say that 99% have come back. We are partners with our clients because we share in the achievement of their goals. We are always here to listen, provide advice and work with our clients to get them to a better place. The business world is tough and can be ruthless, but what's worse, is doing battle alone. A career partner eliminates that sense of isolation and loneliness, and we are here for a lifetime. So give us a call and start your relationship with a career partner.

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Written by

Christopher Mariani

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