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Christopher Mariani, October 4 2022

Are we on the verge of a civil war?

I keep hearing talk about a civil war, and I am hearing it more frequently than I care to hear it. A civil war would surely end this great republic to everyone's demise. A civil war can be avoided if we all follow 8 basic rules. 1) Respect the opinions of others and do not engage in harsh and disrespectful  criticism. 2) Take the opportunity to listen and try to understand the point of view of others. 3) Seek compromise and accommodation, which often leads to agreements and the advancement of societies. 4) Always ask yourself "What is the best way to secure a bright future for my children and grandchildren?" This will often lead to positive outcomes. 5) Examine the consequences of a civil war, especially if those with opposing views are victorious. We would then have a society governed by a one-sided ideology, which benefits no one. 6) Begin supporting centrist political leaders who are committed to compromise. 7) Treat everyone with respect and dignity, especially those who do not share your political ideology. 8) Express your opposition to the decision of lawmakers and the courts, but always do so peacefully. Always remember that any ideology that goes to the extreme often invites other extremes, and any government that prevails and governs from the extreme, often leads to fascism. No one wins!!!!

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Written by

Christopher Mariani

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