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Andrea Tholen, May 18 2022

3 ways to navigate through these difficult economic times...

The immediate future does not look good. Gas prices are expected to keep rising and exceed $5 a gallon. Interest rates will continue to climb which means higher credit card payments.  Inflation will run at 10%, while average pay increases will be 4%, and 2.5 % after taxes. Finally, a recession is probably on the horizon. So what can you do to minimize the damage? 

1) Try landing a remote job to save a lot on gasoline costs. 

2) Try to land a higher paying job to help offset the effects of inflation. 

3) Move from a recession sensitive industry to one that is recession proof. 

All of these steps will require working with a career coach and the preparation of a powerful resume and cover letter. The goal is to be proactive, not reactive. Give us a call today and start the process of protecting your future.

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Written by

Andrea Tholen

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