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Begin by avoiding the ultra cheap, 1-800 cookie-cutter resume service that makes unrealistic and false guarantees.

Don’t fall for false job guarantees. How can a resume service guarantee you a job when they don’t know anything about you. Don’t fall for the promise to rewrite your resume when it should  have been done right the first time.

Don’t fall for the writing and coaching certifications that can be obtained in a matter of days. You want to work with someone whose credentials took decades to obtain.

Our credentials are real, and they include: a MBA degree from a top rated college, over 20 years of Fortune 500 executive experience, prior experience as a graduate level professor, numerous publications including books, articles and executive training programs, experience as an executive coach and consultant to major organizations, and keynote public speaker.

Also look closely at customer testimonials, ours are numerous, heartfelt and real. We don’t include just a handful of canned testimonials. Our staff is familiar with all industries and all occupations from entry-level on up to CEOs. We perform ongoing market, industry and economic analysis to identify where the opportunities are. We match our clients’ skills, experience and education to occupations and industries that will maximize their value and income potential. We become your job coach and mentor, and we are here whenever you need us. We are a family owned company since 1991 and we will be here 20 years from now.

Once you are a customer of Resumes Etc., you are a part of our extended family. Therefore, you can call us at any time, a month or 5 years from now to ask for career advice. We take the time to guide you and it’s free.

To view our story read about their experiences by clicking here for their testimonials and click here to check out our full credentials.

Resume Etc. Boasts a 99.99% Satisfaction Rating over the course of 25+ years

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