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Today’s companies are changing their hiring criteria.  Although experience, skills and education are important, employers are exploring ways to determine the character and values of job candidates.  Given this fact, we developed a new marketing strategy called “My Personal Story”.  It should be included with your resumé and cover letter, and it focuses on you the person, versus you the professional.  It’s your way of selling character along with skills.  Many of our clients have told us that they were hired based upon their personal story.  To prove our point, we have included a sample so that you can judge its impact for yourself.

Your Personal Story

I grew up in a blue collar family where there were few frills.  The one thing our family had was a strong core value system.  Our word was our bond, and a handshake was as good as a signed contract.  We had pride in workmanship with a philosophy of being the best at your chosen occupation.  Our family lived the golden rule and treated our family, friends and neighbors with kindness and respect.  I may not have had an Ivy League education, but the values I learned were far greater than any classroom experience.

When I entered the workforce, my greatest asset was the lessons I had learned.  I pursued every goal and every task with a mission of consistently meeting and exceeding my employer’s expectations.  I contributed to a culture of teamwork and seized on every opportunity to assist my supervisor and my peers.  I never settled for mediocrity, or the status quo.  Instead, I consistently raised the bar and challenged myself and my team to achieve our full potential.  I remained loyal to my company even in hard times, because they were generous to me during good times.

I consistently received promotions and made Vice President by the young age of 35.  I will never abandon my values and I will strive to build a reputation of personal excellence.

My Personal Story

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