Helping People Over 50

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There are many professionals, age 50+, who are losing their positions.  Sometimes they are simply victims of corporate restructures, and other times, they are victims of higher salaries than their peers.  A large number of the 50+ group truly believes that they are no longer marketable.  Nothing is farther from the truth.  At Resumés Etc., we use a special approach geared towards our client who are 50+ years of age.

  • We reinvent our customers by linking their skills and experience to occupations experiencing growth.
  • We conduct extensive and ongoing research on market, industry, economic, occupation, and industry trends.
  • We use analytics to identify growth opportunities.
  • We use “value-added” language on resumés and cover letters to maximize their appeal to employers.
  • We establish a direct correlation between extensive experience and the employers’ need to be competitive in a global market.
  • We provide interview skills that communicate the cost/benefit advantages of hiring a 50+ employee.  

Our approach has been highly effective. We have succeeded in helping our 50+ clients to continue with meaningful careers when they thought that all was lost.

How We Help Professionals Over 50...