Corporate Values Certification

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Resumés Etc. offers a one-on-one coaching and training program on corporate values.  This is a critical certification, since today’s companies use personal values as one of their top hiring priorities.  At Resumés Etc., we provide coaching on what true corporate values mean and the core characteristics that ensure your success in a values-driven work culture.  Once the program is complete, each client receives a certificate of completion.  Why is this important?  Because… At some point along the employee evaluation process, you will be asked about your personal values.  What better way to show your commitment to values, by taking the time and effort to obtain additional coaching and certification.  It’s a program that not only impresses employers, but it also improves your success rate in your career of choice.

Corporate Values Certification and Training

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  • Living the corporate vision and values
  • Serving as an ambassador of the company
  • Addressing the needs of the internal customers
  • Value oriented communication
  • Building on the ideas of others
  • Sharing credit
  • Working as a catalyst for positive change
  • Learning a values-driven vocabulary
  • Focusing on the needs of the company and the team
  • Coaching, mentoring, and helping others
  • Avoiding common temptations
  • Understanding the meaning of loyalty
  • Winning advocates
  • Linking by deed and example

Today’s companies are extremely focused on the personal values of job candidates at every level of the organization.  Experience, skills, education, and accomplishments are important, however, they are often secondary to a core value system.  Resumés Etc. has recognized this phenomenon and reacted by offering corporate values certification.  We sent you information last week to communicate the benefits of the program.  We also developed a “Personal Values Statement” for our clients that they include with their cover letter and resumé.  Many of our clients have received interviews based upon this statement.  Prospective employers were so impressed that they specifically cited the “Personal Values Statement” as the reason they set-up a job interview.  We have included an example of a “Personal Values Statement” to demonstrate its power of persuasion.

Personal Values Statement